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How does the U.S. Constitution compare to the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace

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It influenced our early leaders in their drafting of our constitution. That's as simple as I can state it.

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Thank You.
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Shayla, make sure to give "helpful" stars to those answers that are helpful. Like Rusty's here.
Morning Rusty!
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Good to hear from you Cj. It's been some time. ;)
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hiya rusty, checking around to see if can find you, hope you're allright?
Miss you! and lots of strenght!
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5/8/2013 I beat the reaper again.The coma the surgeons put me in kept me offline till this morning, I awoke last night and I'm currently blind in one eye, but they say the surgery went well. The tumor was near my brain stem, and that was the reason for the induced coma to keep me quiet and allow me to better recover from this. I'm getting fitted for my skull plate later today, so I'll be offline again. I'll try my best to keep ALL of my friends here at ASK posted as best as I can. The mass they removed was the size of a golf ball, so I guess I'm just doing "Parr" for my recovery. lol. ;)
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Awesome to hear from you!!!
As you noticed we ALL mised you, and wish you lots and lots of strenght! hope to hear more soon.:-).
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Rusty, just passed this on, I haven't been on Site in last 24, so wasn't sure if MrWayne and them knew yet, did you see both he and I each manged to get a Q aimed at finding out info regarding your status left up!! ha,ha!! Even Mod's have a heart! :-). They've been wondering and sending best wishes also!
I must have missed something... last I knew you were having chest bleeds and then Brain surgery??? WOW! So now you're going to be like the Bionic Man?
Brain Plate... huh, gotta come up with a whole new game to introduce you're grand kids to that one! LoL!! ok, will keep closer eye out for anymore news from ya, ...just as soon as I finish whopping MrWayne upside his head for not e-mailing me !! ha,ha!! Take care Rusty! and thanks for letting us know!:-).
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Such wonderful news!!!
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Rusty, best to you and yours! Keep swinging 'til you're under "par," then show those PGA guys how to get a hole-in-one!!!
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Taa! Daa!
Good job Rusty! You did remember your long lost friends. In more than just the internet way,
we are happy you are still on this planet to stay
We are all here together traveling through time and space
for a reason...
we need one another to travel with friendships to embrace.

Thank you witt~ for if it had not been for you
to show the power of friendship will always shine through!
Happy! Happy!
You are a wonderful person and friend witt~ I am lucky to have met you :)
ps. I got this from the other mail. See how good you are! ? ! Happeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!
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@Magic Merlin, have missed you!! Happeeeeeeey,Happeeeeey to see you! Short for now.. Doc appt gotta get cleaned up.. Why do we feel this need to get extra "scrubbed" when going to see one? They're just people...AND we pay them..huh. What'd-we think? they gonna scold us? "Was better behind those Ears!!" Lmoa!!
@Happy too!, beep,beep!( got your notes ,R2D2), Glad to lift spirits..!you made me smile! Whirl-Twirl-wheee! How's the little princess? Sending missive..:-).
@Sincerity, thanks for passing on further! good "chain" going.. :-).

ALL; You're The Example of what FRIENDS are!! Thank you!:-).
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Just got back from my day off and saw the comment.. So happy you are doing ok Rusty will pass it on to the other Mods we were all a bit concerned :) Look forward to debating over whether to hide your posts or not when you get back! ;) hehehe
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@Deana, LoL!! took me a minute or two... good one!! hehehe, ziek kind!:-).
And before you get rid of this for "foreign language"; Dutch for; "sick kid", i.e, he,he,he!!!
Thanks again for leaving Q up!! Have great evening!:-).
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slt comment vatu
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