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Does anyone know the title of this book?

It starts out with a bunch of people stuck on an island as the ocean is rising. They leave their island by boat/raft and make it to a wall surrounding a city which is up in the sky. The main characters' family dies along the way, but she makes it into the city with the help of a 'sea urchin'. Once inside the city she experiences lots of new technology and meets up with a person she used to know as 'cyber fox'. The city is actually corrupt(only letting certain people in, using slave labor, ect.), so she escapes on a boat and helps lots of other people escape with her. She then heads to Greenland hoping to start a new life there. I also know that one of the cover versions has a picture of a telephone booth with water covering it. It is fiction and I am pretty sure it is a young adult book. If you know the name of this book, please tell me it because I've already been searching google for a long time. Any help is appreciated! Looking for title and author if possible. Thanks in advance!

Report as I just remembered this out of the blue, but I'd forgotten the title as well :)

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No it's not Narnia. Thanks anyway :)
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