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I work a night shift job and I am finding it hard to adjust my sleeping pattern to it. What can I do to stop feeling tired all the time?

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Maggie1980, this is common for those of us who work the night shift. I've been doing this shift for about a year and a half, and my body still isn't used to it. From everything that I've read, and the people that I've talked to, they all say you will never be completely used to it. Your body produces certain chemicals during the day, and certain chemicals at night. Either telling you to be awake, or to be asleep. You're fighting with yourself, in a sense.
Here are some tips:
1. Use black out curtains so it's dark in your bed room.
2. Make a schedule and stick to it. (same sleep time, same play time, etc)
3. Don't change your hours around on the weekends.
4. Make sure and get sunlight when you can.
5. Exercise.
6. If you have trouble sleeping during the day, buy some pills called "Melatonin". You can buy them OTC, and it's something your body naturally produces to tell you to sleep. Take 3mg.

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I kind of knew I would never get adjusted to it because my body is not programmed to. When I get off and go home I find it so hard to go to sleep. My body is so tied but my mind is telling me to do this and do that. I can not stand it. How do I know what are the best times to sleep? I am definitely going to get some Melatonin. I will try almost anything to be able to rest. The curtain idea was great too. Thanks so much!
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Here's my schedule, maybe it will help you.
I work from 11:30pm til 7:30am.
I get home about 7:45am.
When I get home, I change into my jammies and get in bed.
(You're right about the mind racing, mine does that too)
I MAKE myself lay there until I go to sleep.
Usually I fall asleep right away, but sometimes I lay there for up to 20 minutes before I finally fall asleep.
I get up at 3pm.
From 3pm til about 4pm I go to the gym and get my exercise in.
At 4pm I run my errands (Grocery shopping, etc)
I cook supper and eat at 6pm.
From 6pm til I go to work, I spend that time relaxing.
Then do the whole day over again.
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Drinking coffee when going for your shift helps boost your energy levels, and so does drinking an energy drink. Force yourself to sleep when you aren't on shift. Check out more ways to boost your energy levels on

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Yo so check this.. it worked for me. what you do is take melatonin ( sleeping pills ) which works on you naturally. then i use ear plugs so i dont get disturbed and fall asleep. and i usually do an alnighter so im really tired so when i go to sleep i adjust to it

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Yo thanks! I work full time night shift so I NEED to sleep. Great idea about the ear plugs! I do not know if I could sleep with some, but it is worth a try! Anything is better than sleeping for 2 or 3 hours a day
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I also wear earplugs! I have a fan on too. Anything to drown out everyday noises your neighbors make!
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Go to your doctor .. They can help

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