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what's bad about pulling out gray hairs?

It take usually years of tweezing for a hair to cease growing back and I have plenty of hair and very few grays. Why not pull out the greys?

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Okay, so I've done a bit of research and here is what I've found.

1) If you pull gray hair out, it will grow back.

2) If you pull any hair out, you are somewhat damaging the follicle. It will grow back "differently", could be coarser, could be finer, depends on the damage you do when you pull it out. As you continue to pull that hair, the damage to the follicle increases and there could be a chance the hair will not grow back at all after a while.

3) Pulling any hair out time after time will damage the follicle such that it will stop growing back after longer periods of time. Time of growth stoppage depends on the person, temperature, pH, a lot of things.

There is absolutely no reason why you should NOT pull out gray hairs that I can find. You will not go bald, the hair will grow back (and gray) for a certain period of time. It could grow back coarser or finer depending on the damage you did to the follicle. Unless your entire head is gray and you're pulling out all of your hair on an ongoing basis, I suggest you continue to pull as long as you know that over time, that particular hair could stop growing back altogether.

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You may have a lot of hair now, but when you're old and all grey anyway, you may not have as much. Its just like over-plucking eyebrows. You think you'll always want pencil thin browns when you're younger, and then you're stuck with them later on. Cherish those greys.

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