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What's an easy and effective exercise plan to help you lose weight?

I have 2 1/2 weeks to lose as much weight as i can and I'm busy all the time so I need a quick and effective plan.

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Figure out a rough estimate of your daily caloric intake, you can use this calculator:

Generally a good diet is 90% of weight loss, the average adult male has a daily caloric intake of 2000 calories, and it is commonly suggested to reduce your intake by 500 calories daily. Always consult your doctor before starting any diet, and don't try to lose too much too fast, it will be detrimental to your health! Weight loss is a journey not a destination. Hope this helps :)

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I am a girl so what will my daily caloric intake be?
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Use the calculator I posted in my response, it will give you a rough estimate. Then go see your doctor and tell him or her you're planning to start a new diet! After that my recommendation would be to go home and donate or trash all of those M&Ms and frozen TV dinners in your pantry.

A few things that have helped me to lose 130 pounds over 3 years:

1. Know your labels, know what you're putting in your body. I was surprised to learn that a Chicken Pecan salad at a nearby restaurant was 1500 calories and a whole whack more salt than I needed in a day. Be mindful of what you take in but don't starve yourself.

2. Know your alternatives! There are millions of websites and books dedicated to alternatives to good old American favorites that wont fill you with regret. An example of a meal I was able to transform easily was my breakfast. I discovered Turkey or Chicken Bacon to contain about 1/8 of the Calories and Fat of regular Pork Bacon (Just be careful to choose one with low sodium!) and egg whites to have the same effect.

3. Plan ahead! If you're going to work for 9 hours tomorrow make yourself a meal you'll enjoy instead of resorting to eating at Subway.
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An easy and effective way to help you lose weight includes doing exercise every morning before you leave the house. You can also form a habit of passing by the gym every evening after you are done with the activities of the day. Make sure that you have a balanced diet and take plenty of water. Go to for more details.

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