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Are their any advantages of using a muzzle loading rifle over a breech loading rifle in combat?

For example a Springfield rifle vs. a sharp rifle, what would the up sides of using the Springfield rifle be?

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Reload time. The ability to reload, without having to stand up to pack all the stuff needed down the length of the barrel. Open the breach, stick in a bullet, and the per-measured gun powder packet lock it, aim and fire. Repeat every few seconds.
Once they started using metal cartridges, Sharps was the firs, and the best. It wasn't til later, that Springfield started making better overall guns, and took over the market.

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I did not mean to say Springfield. let me restate the question, what are the advantages of using a caplock musket over a sharps rifle. So what advantages would a regimeant of soldiers with muskets have over a regimeant of soldiers with a shraps rifle?
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As I said before reload time, and the ability to reload without standing in the line of fire.
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No, I am saying the good part of using the musket, which has a slower reload time
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