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What is small vessel disease of the brain?

What is it? What are symptoms? What is prognosis?

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Small vessel disease is known as coronary microvascular disease or small vessel heart disease.There are two major categories of blood vessel diseases.Small vessel arterial disease may result from obstruction, which hinders the flow of blood; from disorders of the muscles in the artery walls, causing them to either constrict or dilate; or from aneurysms, which are weakened vessel segments that fill with blood and balloon outward. The formation of atherosclerotic, or fatty, deposits along the inner arterial walls is the most common arterial disease.Most patients with small vessel disease are treated with long-term medications, such as medications that widen blood vessels or anti-clotting drugs, as well as medications that control blood pressure, cholesterol, or underlying medical conditions such as diabetes that increase the risk of small vessel disease.

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tanyaseverin; Thank you for your input. My wife, who is 61 has just been diagnosed with small vessel diseas of the brain. The doctor didn't really tell us much about what to expect or how he was going to treat it other than putting her on another pill and taking numerous blood samples.
Upon searching the internet I was not able to find much information on it that wasn't filled with so much technical jargon they were of little help. She has symptoms that are very much like MS and thats what we were leaning towards from what our family doctor had told us. Now the specialist says she's too old to havw MS and it is small vessel disease. We're still looking for a good explainaton of exactly what it is and what to expect.
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the above is verbose. this a disease of the small vessels in the brain, usually <1 mm diameter

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