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How long can you have breast milk in your breasts after having a baby? And how early do you produce milk/colostrum if you are pregnant?

like how long can the milk stay in your breasts after having a baby if you didn't breastfeed?

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When you are pregnant your body will start to produce colostrum at around four months pregnant. Colostrum is the first milk your body makes and the first milk your baby needs to drink. Even though colostrum may come in at four months many woman do not feel it until six or seven months along. After baby is born your milk will come in a few days after birth. Milk production is stimulated by your baby nursing. The more the baby nurses the more milk you will produce. It is supply and demand. When the baby grows and needs more milk the baby will nurse more causing you to produce more milk. You can make milk as long as your baby needs it and nurses. As long as you are eating right, healthy foods. Also drinking plenty of liquids. You want to avoid foods and drinks that are not good for you, baby and milk production. caffeine, some herbs like sage in large quantities will slow milk supply. Plus you don't want to dehydrate, if you do it will effect milk supply. Many women are able to produce enough milk to breast feed until their baby is three years old. In other countries most do nurse for a minimum of 3 years and up to 5. Its proven the longer you breast feed the healthier the baby, and there are benefits to mom.
If you did not breast feed after having the baby your milk should dry up fairly fast. There are shots available in some hospitals for woman who wont be breastfeeding that stops milk production. But with out it should only take a couple weeks. Place soft ice packs on the breast area, avoid stimulating the breast area, and wear a tight bra. It will help milk supply dry up.

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Thanks for the answer. I'm asking this cause I noticed clearish white liquid come out of my breasts, both of them when I pushed on them. My kids 11 months old now. I don't think I'm pregnant cause I took a preg test last month and it was negative. So I'm just confused,..
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