(surgery wanted) toe problem? please help -thanks

I was born with an abnormal with my toes, everything else is fine though. my mom told me that when i was younger, when the doctors delivered me in (1998) they said my toes was abnormal because of a chemical imbalance (hormone imbalance). I never got checked for my toes now that it's 2013, but now its starting to really bother me for the fact that i can't never go swimming, wear flip flops or anything like that. it really makes me wanna cry. its like the big toes are normal and so is the little toes and both feet and the 4th toe on my left foot is normal also and also the abnormal toes on my left foot are normal 'constructed' but its the nail beds thats not normal for the fact that the 2nd toe nail bed is VERY VERY small but it doesnt seem that bad on that foot. but my right foot boy oh boy, now thats the real problem, the toes are actually smaller and thinner then my left foot and the nail beds are very very small and the nails sticks/slants up. i havent went to the doc to ask about what they can do to help this problem becuase it never bothered me until now that im getting older. i would LOVE to know if they have any surgery's in america that can help me with this problem (im 14)

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