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How can a Pokemon use a move that isn't it's type?

I don't get how a Pokemon can use a move that isn't it's type, or if it's a dual-type, neither one! Like Pidgey, a Normal/Flying, being able to use Sand-Attack! (a Ground-type) Or more confusing, a dragon type that isn't also an Ice-type using Ice Punch! How can that happen? A dragon type (other than the legendary Kyurem) physically could not be able to use Ice Punch!

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Because, just because they aren't that type doesn't mean they can't flap sand into the air or use an elemental punch. The most confusing is how gastly can use all the elemental punches.

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A dragon-type using ice punch is just as confusing as SQUIRTLE using Flamethrower! It just can't happen! And Squirtle can't actually use Flamethrower. How could a dragon-type that isn't also ice-type use ice punch? Dragons have nothing to do with ice. It's mostly fire. So I get his it could use Flanethwower, but Ice Punch?! If such a type tried to do that, all that would do is put out thier fire, and cause them to faint! It's like Water being weak to fire! (like in an episode of the anime)
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1. Dragons aren't fire based. 2. It can use ice punch (dragonite atleast) because when its a dratini and dragonair it stores ice in its body and turns it into ice while its still a serpent, then when its a dragonite it can release it.
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