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Could Adding white blood cells and stem cells be the cure to cancer
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I know that cancer divides cells uncontrollably so couldn't we make new cells using stem transplants and inject new white blood cells to fight it
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It could be for some types of cancers. But you would enough healthy stem cells to overcome the cancer which can be difficult, because stem cells are what takes the form of other cells and stem cells could potentially become also a cancer cell

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But say like if I donated healthy stem cells to a cancer patient, would his or her body be able to accept them in the same state
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Cancer is an overgrowth of cells that don't seem to get the signal that it is time to stop growing. If we could find the proteins that turn off the genes that control the growth of those cells, that might really get the job done. It's not unlike the search for the genes and proteins that tell the cells in a fetus that it's time for brain, foot, or stomach growth to stop at just the right time. The method you describe doesn't sound very practical since Stem cells are like a "universal" growth cell and T cells are immune cells. The T cells might be helpful.

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