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Is it possible that someone is trying to break into my house?

For the past 3 days, my parents were away and theyvlet me have a few friends over. I never had them out of site except for when i go to the bathroom. i only had 3 friends and they were all good people i know in my point of view and i just dont know who to trust anymore. When my parents got back, they found out that someone was trying to key and open theyre room since it was locked. There were dent marks and eve ry thing and that i never notice. The only time that i was away is that when im at school. I just dont know anymore. What if my friend is 2 face, if they stole something i wouldve known... What if it was there.before and my parents didnt notice? I just dont know and i I feel so guilty that ive been tearing up for hours... nothing has been stolen though

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people can be very shady and untrustworthy. espically when your young. you never know though someone could have snuck away when u didn't know it. I wouldn't cry about it stuff happens be thankful noting was stolen. obviously it was someone with no experience with breaking in. you would have know if someone broke into your house they would have busted the door down for what ever they were looking for. its over with just watch who you trust next time. I wouldn't invite anyone u don't really know over next time or your parents may take your privilege of being home alone away.

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Thank you this is really helpful... It just made me that i lost trust in everyone aha
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Sometimes people surprise you, my son had a friend who was like a part of the family, he almost lived with us and seemed like a great kid, then we started noticing money missing. My wife was working as a sales rep and would collect huge amounts of cash from a few clients then the next day she had to turn cash in. Well every day she kept coming up short, like $80-$200 short, this is money we had pull from our own pockets. I interrogated my kids accusing them, and finally out a camera up and caught the friend digging in wife's purse.

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