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The song "lights "by ellie goulding, anyone know what the heck she is talking about?

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Okee so i think i got the true meaning behind this song, please read everything i know its long but oh well

i got the part of ''But the queen has been overthrown.''
She HAD everything
She HAD love (i have a heart back then)
she was like royalty, the queen has everything right?
but something happened that broke her heart
so its like she lost everything (Losing it all on my own)
which means, she, ''the queen'' was overthrown

About the 'LIGHTS' thing
i think she means the memories (You show the light that stop me)
her MIND keeps showing her memories of him which is stopping her from moving on
the YOU in this song is her mind
(noises i play within my head) and (You shine them when I'm alone)
her mind shows her the memories -he is shooting them- -shining them- when she's alone -it happens to everybody remembering stuff when you're alone-

Dreaming when they're gone
she will dream of anything, cz she can't control her dreams, her mind can.

'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home
her memories of him 'the guy that broke her heart' keep calling her home
calling her towards him
they are like forcing her back to him
home = him

AND BTW: IN *You show the lights that stop me turn to stone*
it's not the light that turn to stone
it's her
she freezes whenever her minds shows her memories

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Wow. You went to a lot of trouble.:)
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The main theme of Ellie Goulding's "Lights" is all about the trials of growing up. In the line "The Queen has been overthrown", she is referring to her heart being taken down because she is overwhelmed by leaving the family home. You can check out the lyrics at

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