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what's best supplement nursing formula, for newborn puppies.

my rat terrier.,had her puppies while we were away attending a funeral. ,our vet isn't reachable until Mon.they were born late Thursday night.

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Hi, Twofeet.. You can get a puppy replacement formula that takes the place of the mother's milk. But unless she had so many that she's unable to feed them, her milk is the best for them to have.

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she had seven pups,1 stillborn 1 only lasted approximately 24hours and so far the rest are doing ok I suppose. they are still nursing, not all at same time,but I've observed each nursing a bit,I'm concerned a bit cause this is her first litter and being two didn't make it past 24 Hrs.old, .
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I can certainly understand your concern about them. It probably wouldn't hurt to supplement them a little, but if she seems to be doing okay with five, I''d let her take care of the majority of it because her milk contains colostrum which has antibodies only found in her mild. But again, I don't think it would hurt at all to supplement them a little. Just be sure and get the puppy supplement and a good little bottle or two. Best of luck, honey, and if you can, would you keep me informed I would just love it...If you can remember it and feel like it. I really do care. I'll be praying for the mother and babies.
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update on my rat terrier puppies. They all are doing great.,mom dog is finally letting myself and daughter hold the little hamster sized dogs.they are sooo cute.daughter noticed a couple have their eyes starting to open. its funny because their similar in appearance one has left eye halfway to open the other has its right eye half open.
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Oh, Twofeet, I've got tears in my eyes. I'm so very happy and thanks..Thank you, Lord!!! Well, you've been through the hardest part now. What a great parents you've been. Congratulations, honey!!! Isn't that funny about the left eye halfway and the other right eye? LOL They're so precious. Oooh, I wish I was hold one right now. No, I don't. I wish I was holding all of them right now! Best wishes for you and all the babies. I'd love to hear a little more about them as they are progressing if you think about it. I love them, too!!
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update on puppies. They all are doing really good,weren't to intersted in bottle feeding so I mixed up some of their formula and placed it In a bowl low and large enough that all five ate really good. another 3 week's and they will be able to start solid food,then go to new honesty 17 yr.old daughter is moving out of state and is bringing one,my son is going to keep one and I get one and last one is going to an elderly couple who really want a small dog.thank you for all' your supportive advice during this trying time.godbless.
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Well, once again, tears in eyes. You've done so very well with them and it's because of you and the good Lord that they've made it. Thank you for that. A lot of people wouldn't have taken the time to have raised puppies like that from birth. A lot's to be said for that. Sounds like you got some mighty good homes for them, too. I thank you for keeping me updated all this time. It's meant a lot to me. God Bless you for all you've done.
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