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What steps should i take in high school and in college to become a data scientist?

I am a high school student interested in becoming a data scientist, but i don't know where to start. What classes should i take in high school, and what should i major in college?

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Hi, Veryrandom. I had a very hard time researching this. Probably someone else will come along and have a lot more knowledge. This is what I found and I had to put it into 2 section (1/2 in comments).

Because data science is so new, universities are scrambling to define it and develop curriculums. As an academic field, it cuts across disciplines, with courses in statistics, analytics, computer science and math, coupled with the specialty a student wants to analyze, from patterns in marine life to historical texts.


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With the sheer volume, variety and speed of data today, as well as developing technologies, programs are more than a repackaging of existing courses. ?Data science is emerging as an academic discipline, defined not by a mere amalgamation of interdisciplinary fields but as a body of knowledge, a set of professional practices, a professional organization and a set of ethical responsibilities,? said Christopher Starr, chairman of the computer science department at the College of Charleston, one of a few institutions offering data science at the undergraduate level.

Most master?s degree programs in data science require basic programming skills. They start with what Ms. Schutt describes as the ?boring? part ? scraping and cleaning raw data and ?getting it into a nice table where you can actually analyze it.? Many use data sets provided by businesses or government, and pass back their results. Some host competitions to see which student can come up with the best solution to a company?s problem.

University of San Francisco students have used data from General Electric to predict how much energy windmills could create. At North Carolina State, with data from the Postal Service, students have analyzed response rates to junk mail to find ways to improve its effectiveness.
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Thank you for the info, i really appreciate it.
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Honey, you're very welcome.
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