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Why do people receive a message saying they won and then are told to buy two items to win?

Publishers Clearing House said I won but then said I had to purchase to items to win, why?

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Not to be rude but I have no idea of what mazeedbujjigadu is talking about! No idea.

Like most junk and spam emails (although PCH is not technically junk though opinions may differ on this), it is a ploy to get you to spend money/buy a product. When you come across these terms: free, win, prize, claim or anything similar, it's safe to bet that nothing is free and you didn't win anything except more junk mail. It's like going to the mall and entering to win that nice Volvo sitting in the center of the floor. Nobody wins those cars! All you've done is given them your contact information so they can mail and e-mail you...more junk (at least its junk to me). When you think about it it makes no sense; you're entering a contest to win a million dollars but you have a purchase a magazine or 2. Ok so, where do magazine and million dollars coincide? Hmm...they don't! Funny ey? However I will tell you this, if you read the fine print at the bottom of the page when you're signing up for magazines, it does say "No Purchase Necessary to Enter." But again, the option is there so you can spend money.

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I agree with Boniva.....especially her first sentence. Here's the way I look at the whole "You've WON" thing.

Seeing that 99.999999% of those are fraudulent, I will not even open them. I am afraid of more than just wasting my time if I get one through an email.

I am afraid of a virus if and when I open it. Force yourself to just DELETE, because nothing good comes from these ads. To help you resist these type of emails, here is a little known fact.

If you REALLY won something, the people who are trying to find you WILL find you if you have a social security number.....and even if you don't have a SS #, they will find you.

In the meantime, you, just like the rest of us will continue to receive these "scams to sell you something" notices. If you REALLY did win some thing those people who are telling you that you did....they would NEVER have you pay anything to receive it. NEVER!!!

Make the <DELETE> button your friend.....oh, and if you receive these things by snail mail......shred it. YOU DIDN'T WIN!!!!

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