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If my throat hurts when I swallow, would my soar throat be more of strepthroat?

I started off fine today and around 6 in the evening (5 1/2 hours ago), my throat began to feel more like a soar throat. When I got home I got some cough drops and I don't know if I have a fever since I have no refills on my thermometer and I have never been able to judge properly just by my hand against the forehead. I did figure I was getting a cold but now it even hurts just to swallow - I had to take my medicine and it hurt to swallow and then I drank some more water and that even hurt. I've never had pain swallowing when I just had a cold and I did have a mild case of strep throat more than 5 years ago so I don't recall all of it but that was more miserable than a normal soar throat.

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Check for white dots in the back of ur throat that would be a sign of strep. I hav had many cases if severe strep. I find that a generic tylenol nightquil that is blue and cool will sooth ur throat and also give u the rest u need to get better. Also gargaling salt water, although nasty will help clear those infected pockets in ur thriat if u do hav strep.

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Sounds like a possibility but it's hard to tell with out a test from the doctor. it could be any number of things this time of year. To ease the pain cough drops and drink something to coat your though like whiskey and honey for example.

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I sure ain't going to drink whiskey - I have enough financial trouble today buying soup let alone alcohol.
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