Using a dual deck at Elements the Game which 2 elements combine well for playing off of each other? &

slowing the enemy deck
speed of my deck
efficiency of card combos
low card costs
create quanta

I only have made single element decks, & I am interested in making a dual deck. With the exception of Ravnica & Return to Ravnica from M:TG, I have to say dual decks make me uneasy. I know this game is by far more user~friendly. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

I'll list my own findings as I scour the wiki, also, just to be fair.

I know to get to the deck that will win against the Lv3, 4, & 5 take time to fully acquire the necessary cards. I'm more interested in the theory of practical application of the process. Thank you, Voluptuous~<3

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