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How do you start a free minecraft server?

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Download the server file from under (already bought the game download here)
Next, under Multiplayer Server download (minecraft_server.1.6.1.exe) this file may be different when you get it because minecraft is good at doing it's updates. However, this is where it will be.

Once you get it to your PC, copy it to a folder and call it what you want. Important note:

You can run this world from you PC and play the game on the same PC, provided you have enough Memory, HDD, Space, and Processor Power 4 or 8 cores ect.

However, I would suggest you just run it off another computer that you can leave on most of the time. Since the people you invite will want to get on when you are not around. Just make sure they are people who won't destroy your stuff and others just for kicks while in the environment. Some jokes and game are fun but it you make a huge place and someone destroys it you will see what I

Next, you will need to know your IP address which you can get from:

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I will also suggest opening up these ports: start 25565 to end 25565. I have also included an image: (Extra- I also have in that image all the ports you need to have open for your PS3 as well!)

Now, depending on how old your router is, it may take the internet IP address or auto assigns one for you. In the picture provide you can see that my router auto assigns IP addresses so that's all I would have to do is use CMD under run in windows,
type ipconfig /all and look under Ip address for the last digit. Should look like :192.168.1.(number).

Once I put in that last digit I am done, updated image: save changes by rebooting your router if you have the option or just powering it off.

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Final steps:

Go to the folder that you download your new minecraft world/environment and double click on Minecraft_Server, let if build the world. Get this from (You Want to put this in it's own folder since it will extract and build files and logs)

Once it's done try to go inside the world, by opening up your minecraft game (make sure it's the last version), clicking multiplayer, direct connect to go right in or add server to have it there as an option each time you log on. Running if the computer is off that you will be using as the server you won't be able to log in remember it has to stay on.

you will be using you ISP Ip Address or your router assigned Ip address. Forgot to tell you to reboot your router once you hit apply or OK. If youd can't reboot your router just unplug it for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

Once you have successfully log in and walked around the world yourself, next get a friend or someone at another location besides your home to test your server and port forwards. You will always give them you internet IP address, not the one assigned by your router. get it from here:

Once you have met up with your friends in world just have fun. You can use Skype voice to talk to one another. Note that depending on where they spawn you could be miles from each other, so take a minute to compare coordinates with each other by pressing F3 and giving each other your exact locations with the X, Y, and Z coordinates.

This is very simple, and once you get this you will see how simple it is. You can also make more advanced minecraft servers but this one is very easy for beginners and most people just stick with this. Besides, minecraft has made several improvements so you have complete control of the world.

You can change how long the days are, give out stuff no one has or has been able to find like diamonds and food, teleport yourself or any player to different locations, and you can also block people by name and Ip address. Just look online, or just c
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If you want to go big you can also get a host that will keep the server online for you if the whole keeping a computer running all the time thing gets to you. I would suggest this site if you want to do that:

They have very good packages.

Also, visit my blog if you have questions and leave a message under any of my tech post:
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