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Help with connecting wires !!!! ASAP

A couple of hours ago I accidentally stepped on the end of my laptop's charger now it doesn't charge the laptop anymore. I determined the problem and am 100% positive that it is from the head ( End) of the cord here is a pic of it

I have another broken charger (The wire and its end are fine) so I figured out I would salvage the cord from my old charger and attach it to my current charger ( After removing/cutting the broken end).

After cutting and stripping the wires I faced a dilemma, my current ( new) charger has three wires ( Blue- Black - White) But my old broken charger has ( Black - White - Bare wire ).

Here is a pic of the wires of my good charger

Here is a pic of the old/broken one

It's worth to note that I live in the middle east specifically Lebanon,Beirut and around here we use 220-240 Volts and use European non-grounded electric sockets.

So do I attach white-white, black-black and blue-bare wire ??

P.S: I don't have an ammeter nor a voltmeter

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Blue and bare wires are the ground wires. so yes you have it correct, simply splice them together (while its not plugged in of course) and electrical tape plug it in and try, on a side note, they may carry different amounts of electricity, i doubt it being the colors are the same and they appear to be the same gauge from what i see in the pictures. If all else fails, my friend, go to, get yourself a new charger that site has it all and for the best possible prices.

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The two chargers I use are exactly the same Except one is a genuine hp and the other is not ( Same voltage, same amps, same watts and same Hz). It's just the wire I am changing not the resistor... etc
I can easily get another charger from a store 5 min away from me but it costs 40$ and I am trying to save that amount

Thank you for your quick reply :)
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like i said, from what i see it should work (i'm a bit of a nerd, and girls don't care.... i mean like i built a computer to run World Of Warcraft at 100fps type of nerd) so try it, but if you smell burning or anything unplug it. but best of luck and use that site as much as you want its amazing.
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I just finished attaching all the wires and it worked XD and by joining the 2 cords together I made my charger 4 ft longer :P Thank you for the advice you saved me 40 bucks. Sir I salute you
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