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What fraction of 2/7 of 1/4

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It is not clear what you mean. That's why people are giving you 2 different answers.
IF you mean:
what fraction of 2/7 is 1/4 you do
x(2/7) = 1/4
/(2/7) /(2/7)
x = 1/4(7/2) = 7/8. ANSWER 1
IF you mean:
what is 2/7 of 1/4 you do
2/7(1/4) = 2/14 = 1/7. ANSWER 2

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Where'd u get the variable? Not sure if u can just add one in... By adding the variable, you are no longer solving for 1/4, but rather 'x'
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The 1st way I solved it, when I put in the variable, is if you interpret the problem as
"What fraction of 2/7 IS 1/4." instead of "What fraction of 2/7 OF 1/4."
(which doesn't make a lot of sense.)
So I translated
"What fraction" to x
"of" to multiply
"is" to =
and got x times 2/7 = 1/4
or. x(2/7) = 1/4
That is how one of the other people did it.
The other way I did it was your way.
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If you are saying What is 2/7 of 1/4, then you are dividing 1/4 by 2/7. You will use the reverse process to get 2... I think. haha I'm a little rusty with fractions

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.887...which in fraction form is 7/8. You take 1/4 and take 2/7, but flip it. So it's 1/4*7/2=7/8

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could you possibly reword the question?
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actually never mind, figured it out...I think
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