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Can someone please tell me some split stretches?

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first, you should do wide lunges, and reach to the floor, then, if you have someone else on hand, the best way to do it (how we do it at gymnastics) is to kneel in front of them, and wrap your arms around their legs, then lift your leg up for them to hold on to and they should pull that leg towards your body until it is slightly painful. you should hold that for about 30seconds - 1 minute, and then your 'helper' should slowly put your leg to the floor in front of you and the splits will be better!!! remember that the front leg (the one that is up) should be straight!!

another good way is to lie on the floor, and get someone (or something) to hold your back leg down. then raise your front leg and ask someone to pull it down towards your head, until it is painful. hold it there for 10 seconds, then push against their hold for 10 seconds, matching their force so as they don't let go, and then allow them to pull your leg slightly further for another 10 seconds. remember that both legs need to be straight in this one and your body cant be twisted, you have to lie in a straight line, else your splits could end up twisted, and keep your toes pointed!!! =)

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once you are a bit further down, a good way to get all the way to the floor is to kneel in front of your sofa (or somewhere comfortable else it hurts your ankle/leg) put your front leg on the sofa and slide as far down as you can go into splits. it will be a bit painful, but hold it for a couple of minutes. don't resist (push against the floor) but still do hold the floor for stability. if you have someone else nearby, and even better way is to ask them to hold your arms up and pull you upwards slightly do that you still go down into splits further but not so much it will damage your legs. your front leg has to be straight, though =)

but if you wanted to get box splits (sideways splits) then the best way for that is simply to sit against a wall for 5 minutes with your legs as far into bax splits as they can go. you have to push your bum into the wall, though, and although you can push your legs down yourself (about 1 adn a half mins in) it is easiest to let the other person slide your legs down a few cm =) remember again, both legs straight, and your bum must touch the wall =) again, this is slightly uncomfortable, but all splits stretches are =/
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but make sure you don't just slide into splits and try to push yourself further because this can damage your muscles!!!!!

hope this helps!!! =D x
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