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I feel like I'm an annoying person! help me

I've always been having this feeling, I feel like people sitting with me are annoyed or that they hate me, and that I'm pushing them away because I'm not good enough, always feeling that people hate me an I feel that in such an annoying person, I don't really know what to do. I hate this feeling, I just wanna start loving myself and feel loved because some-people. say that I'm loved but I'm still not convinced, please help, how can I love myself and how can I feel good about myself and feel that people like me or even make the love me

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I feel the same way. In class when we would do something that involved holding hands, I'm always the person people try not to stand next to. If they do, they look irritated (sometimes they even stop participating). I also feel people do it because they think I'm "unintelligent" (if you know what I mean).

First of all, there is someone who loves you. His name is God. You are his PERFECT creation. He doesn't make any mistakes. His son Jesus, loves you just as much. You need to find wherever you belong and "fit in". He will help lead you to wherever that is. But, don't think you're in the wrong place now (I think that a lot), because like I said, he placed you exactly where he wanted. I will pray for you!

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I'm very grateful, thank you so much
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You're very welcome. Also, have you ever heard someone say "Jesus take the wheel"? It means to let The Lord guide you. A lot of people have the attitude of not doing anything until The Lord tells them where to go. It's actually the opposite. Jesus doesn't steer a parked car! You need to go out and try new things, and be open minded. Then, God will steer you in the right direction.... That's one of the most helpful things I've learned.
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And, lastly. Go to Youtube and look up the song "Wanted" by Dara Maclean. I love that one. It always gives me positive energy!
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