What can I do now

so my boyfriend and I had a conversation ,and it was about how I wanted to be his bestfriend (cheesy I know) and he was very jokey about it...then me and my cousin were on the phone with him and his brother and my boyfriend and cousin were calling each other bestfriend etc.and they text and talk to each other and so I got mad when I was on the phone with her and said how about u date him and then hung up and she was very upset.she keeps bringing it back up and saying why would u think I like him I don't want him I was just joking around and how I hurt her feeling and I'm like just get over it .i have apologized numerous times and have taken full responsibility that I was wrong about what I said . but to me honestly I don't think she has gotten over it because she calls me less an always brings it up and me and my boyfriend really haven't talked to each other since that day it really annoying me,I thought me and him worked it out ....then she said I treat him so bad and sometimes I do I just wanna work everything out with him now and her second cuz I've tried,PLEASE HELP

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