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Is it bad that im intrigued with serial killers and cults?

i love learning about serial killers and cults. The leaders
the way they grew up. and everything about them. it kinda scares me that im so into it.
i even listen to bloody music about serial killing and i just dont understand why im so hooked on it. can you tell me why i might be interested in it?

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IF it's bad, then something is wrong with me too. Things like this have always interested me.
Why are you interested in it? Well.. I'm not sure, since I don't know what my fascination is with it either.
Who do you like reading up on the most?

When I was in highschool, is when the Oklahoma City Bombing happened. I was lost in that. I literally bought photo albums, and cut every single news/magazine article out (that pertained to it) and made a photo album. I went to Texas with a friend of mine, and I begged that we stop in OKC so I could see the memorial. Took pictures, and wrote on each of the pictures exactly what it was that I seen in them.
I was literally lost in it. Looking back on it now, I don't know what to make of it.

I also did this, though not as bad, with the Columbine shooting.

Perhaps it's just a stage?

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lol havent read anything but watch a TON of documentys
just watch the one on the night stalker

Carl Feigenbaum is jack the ripper
Gary Leon Ridgway is the green river killer
zodiac killer is Richard Gaikowski
the campus killer is ted bundy
the butcher of plain feild is ed gein
albert fish was the gray man
Jeffrey Dahmer is the milwaukee canibal
john wayne gacey was the killer clown
richard ramirez was the night stalker
Andrei Chikatilo was the red ripper
charles manson owned the cult (the family)
FLDS owned by warren jeff
The peoples temple owned by jim jones
hevans gate owned by marshal applewhite
Branch davidans owned by david koresh
BTK is Dennis Rader
ive looked up all of thse
my favorite would have to be jim jones for cults and jeffry dahmer for serial killer
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I really had a thing for Heaven's Gate. It's probably one of my favorite "cults" to read up on.
I've had several books, 101 of the most infamous murderers. 501 of the biggest criminals.

Ps Another one I love to read on, which you don't have listed. Look up Queen Elizabeth Bathory.
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ok sounds kool thanks
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Its bad if you want to BE a killer! Lol! It is probably like learning about black holes or aliens or big foot. You are curious of the mysterious.

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Your welcome.
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