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Will there be bulges in the space-time fabric?

gravity is like a pit in space time? so will the opposite phenomenon takes place? Does relativity mentions this possibility?

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I'm not sure. A 'bulge' that you're referring to could actually be a 'pit' if you turn it upside down. A pit in the spacetime fabric slows down time (like the pit of a black hole). But I don't think a bulge can exist... that would imply an increase in time. Time cannot increase from a point of space unaffected by gravity. Gravity only slows down time in a manner relative to a normal, smooth surface in the fabric.

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It wouldn't be as much of a 'bulge' as much as a wave in the fabric of space. In this wave, if you can send one object from one crest of the wave to the other, while sending another through the whole curve, the first object will reach its final destination faster than the second object. However, since time is perspective, this increase in time would only be apparent to the second object and a third point of view. Time would slow for the first object, just as we can see time slow down as matter constantly approaches a black hole. also, this is a theoretical idea, and while it is mathematically possible, the idea hasn't been proven to be experimentally possible

In that experiment, we would assume the velocity, mass, and inertia of the 2 objects to be equivalent.

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