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What is this boy dream about good dream interpeter!

in this dream it was a boy who looked like someone that i was already attracted to [black guy] but he looked like a different person but yet acted like the one person im attracted to, in the dream he lived next door to me. We walked inside his house and it instantly smelled like tortiilas, so i assumed he was mixed with Mexican and black, he gave me a tour in the house,,majority of the rooms belonged to his sisters which weren't there at the moment,then he showed me the guess room that his grandpa was in, after that we went into his room and sat down,,before i left he tolled me that we should text and hang out. i hung out with him in a previous part of the dream and he was soo calm and nice to me!, in another part in the dream i was on the bus and the bus driver happened to be talking about him to someone else, they were saying how the boy that was in my dream moved here with his grandparents because money, and out the window there were houses on the ground that said move here with his face on it, btw i haven't had a boyfriend yet,,could this be saying something? a boy gave me his number today but idk if that is part of it

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Honestly, i don't really believe that dreams have any actual meanings that are connected to our real lives. Unless it's a premonition. Those i do believe in. But they are extremely rare. Or like a recurring dream that just keeps happening over and over. But a random dream like this, i don't think it means anything.

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Ehhh,,, I kinda disagree usually symbols in my dreams actually do come true. I'm just not sure what this one is showing then again it might just be a random dream but I doubt it. Thx for ur opinion though
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They do have some sort of meaning since your brain comes up with them
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