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Is there anywhere in Arizona(chandler,Phoenix area preferably) where children with ADD can learn to control their behavior ?

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Yes at home!! My son is ADHD and he would go and go and go and I thought I would go crazy trying to keep up with him. I had 3 other kids to deal with he is the baby. He was brought up and taught that he can run around like a chicken with its head chopped off outside but if he was inside ( and I mean anywhere inside, be it school, a friends house or even at home) he was taught he can do what ever he wanted in his personal space. That meant he could do jumping hacks, try to jump as high as he could to reach something I put really high, or just jump up and down in one spot. He would jump for hours but he never got out of control. Kids like this have excessive energy but they understand just like other kids when it's time to settle down. You said your kid was ADD. That just means he or she has an attention problem so what kind of behavior problems are you having? I'm sorry if I seem harsh it just I can't stand it when I see kids run around uncontrolled by parents.

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There're a number of schools within the Phoenix area that have incorporated programs to assist children with ADHD in learning. One of the best is the Lexis Preparatory School. Parents can also be helpful to their children at home in controlling the condition.

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