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I need urgent help.

I know a girl who is really good looking and I love her so much but I am really shy and I dont really know what to talk about when I speak to her. I am taking her out to the movies in a few daus but she doesnt know me that well. (we have been talking here and there for around 2 weeks. I dont know when to ask her out or how. )Any advice?

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ask questions about herself. girls like talking about themselves lol
be yourself and relax! the more you stress out about it the more nervous you are going to be on your date! I went on my first date two weeks ago and he asked me out of the blue because he knew I would be nervous going on my first date and would think too much about it.
also compliment her! tell her she looks beautiful or she smells good or her smile is soo sweet and pretty

when you talk to her make eye contact and don't forget to smile! and when ur ready to move in for the kiss look into her eyes, then her lips, back to her eyes and her lips again and then move in!
but try not to worry too much!! you will be fine!

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Great advice!
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thanks!! :)
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Let her do the talking. Girls are better talkers than guys.
Be sure to ask questions occasionally so she knows that you are listening.
Good luck Romeo!

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Go up to her
Make her laugh
Tell her she has a nice smile
Tell her to go out with you.

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