SPORE: "please carefully re-enter the entire code" help

so i have a bran new computer and i was re-installing all my programs that i had on my previous but when i got to spore and entered a correct activation key (i legally bought the game in disk form couple years ago, if you are wondering) and after the install if i try to play spore it gives me gl 5626 error and if i run it on administrator i get "please carefully enter the entire code" and a box with the key code i put in before. i re-enter it and the box goes away, but then a few seconds later i get "please carefully re-enter the entire code" and a place to enter the code. and from there its just a non stop process of entering and re-entering the same code in the same boxes over and over again.

ive tried every site i could fine where someone talked about these errors and they seem to get fixed by means i have already tried. i would call EA but its an expensive toll line and i want that to be last resort, so im gonna keep looking for a possible answer. and thats why i am here

if anyone has any possible solutions, let me know
thank you for listening and for any replies i may get

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