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What is the fastest way to get gags on ToonTown?

Gags are drop: anvil Throw:cake squirt:Firehose Lure: big magnet Trap:(worst of all)Marbles Sound:Foghorn Laff 76-80 Toon-Up: NONE Doodle backflip

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Why are you toonup less? Anyways, train in buildings only. Don't think about training in a factory unless it's sound. For trap and drop you will probably need friends to help you train. Someone needs to lure for you for trap and someone needs to stun for you for drop. Use your highest drop/trap only on the top floor because you earn more skill credit. Your throw will max naturally. Squirt won't be hard to max either. Same with sound from doing factories. Also do buildings where there are invasions (River or just an invasion district). I know all of this cause my gags are maxed and it didn't take me that long.

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Thanks it was really helpful P.S. I'm toonless because I am saving for a doodle!
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Ah okay not as bad then lol.
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