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Does an employee have any recourse if an employer cuts their hourly wages in Georgia?

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You like that? America wanted change. Nice huh? Most companies have been forced to cut lots of other things that employees depend on too.
Insurance benefits reduced to minimum standards.
Company phones and cars
The list goes on.
People took these jobs with the expectations of having these things and factored that into their wages.
See how it works? The rich owners still make the same when business expenses go up..... Like fuel... Or any other supply#039;s your company must purchase.... Or taxing the rich..... Who#039;s REALLY paying for it? Now if our numbskull president gets obamacare ever up and running , or gets his tax hike on the rich , they#039;re gonna give you another pay cut or just lay you off. Might think about that when you go to vote next year. Good luck.

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Thanks Charlie:
I know that the government has a lot to do with the problem. I have not nor will I ever vote for Mr. Obama. However I beleave that a lot of pay/ benifits cut are done by the business owners out of greed. It is easy for them to point to and blame the government. The American employee is getting screwed from both sides.
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Oh yeh, for sure. The point I was trying to make was that no matter how many guidelines or restrictions or tax increases we have, the rich are not going to pay for it. We are. Whether it be from greed or what ever. The buck stops here in the middle class.
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Yup, wage was cut 10%, no more 401k match, then 13 mths later my company went out of business. Join the party. Lucky i have a skilled trade. Only thing most people have are extended benefits thanks to Obama giving and extending over abused welfare and unemployment benefits and not creating any jobs. Has a HUGE oppurtunity to with the Keystone Pipeline, wont do it. Hes bankrupting not only our country but everyone here as well, sooner or later.

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