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I really like this chick but i dont think she likes me, it seems like she does but i dont know. Is there a way to be sure?

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I would start by not calling her 'chick' lol, jk but if she's always trying to hang out with you or is being flirty (staring at you, always laughing at like everything you say, touches your shoulder, plays with her hair etc.) those are some signs that a girl likes you.

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Look for signs like does she ask you for help when she needs something? Does she pay attaintion when you talk? Does she flirt but not like oh your soooo cute but more into a nice shy way

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Well she really wants me to hang out with her alot, and she really likes to wrestle around alot.
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O.o u got ur self a keeper XD but don't ruin the relationship i suggest going in with confidence on your confession so go but don't be mean. I will hit you if you are girls are precious things its important to go and find a true relationship than a dozen worthless ones
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Oh and I almost forgot! Here's a poem (i have a app that let's me store poetry been writing for a year O.o bet i have something for u i know one soooo copy and paste do ur stuff!

I am created by the sun and moon
The sun grants me my emotions
So i may speak the tiny imperfections created
Only so new things may be created
My happiness created by one little thought
But my love by a sky full of stars

The sun comes to me giving my soul a body
A smile made of gold
A mole to let all the light into my heart
Not one imperfection
With eyes that see the world in life
Muscles so i may help others

As i was released to the ground the earth took me in her hands
She split me in two
Creating someone like me but so much more
Locks of hair that made me dream
Delicate fingers too watch and care for my Mother Earth
And two eyes that look in others for the best

heart to love this world and the others in it
Will to believe
Pride to make her choices with no complaint
Finally touched by a wonderful mind to live again

Released to the ground once again
I smile taking my partners hand
Saying the first words in all of creation
I love you….

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ask her out and see what she says. that's the best way and girls love a confident guy

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Look for signs if she does or not. like does she...
look at you a lot
try to be near you a lot.
smiles for no reason around you.
flirts with you
you see she acts differently around you then other boys.

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