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I just got a mole surgically removed & got a biopsy for it? Help me understand " mild atypia"?

I got 2 moles removed from under my arm when I was growing up I only had one slightly big one. Then as I grew it grew with me. it got to the point where I was self conscious I mean it was right in the crease in my armpit. Then I started getting other ones near it. I had 2 new ones grow. So I saw a dermatologist and he said he wanted to surgically remove it and then have a biopsy on it. He removed the slightly large ones. at the same time. I had 11 stitches put. So today I went to get them removed and I got the biopsy report back. I will write to you what it says (I will clarify some words)
-Right upper mole: compound congenital nevus (a regular birthmark or mole)
-Right lower mole (the largest one): Compound congenital nevus of special site with focal MILD ATYPIA; margins free. see note.

the note: This case is evaluated with immunostains for HMB-45, MART-1 and TYOSINASE. KI-67 shows slight increase of intraepidermal mitotic index. The lesion is completely excised.
I am a 15 year old girl is it normal?

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It's an abnormal cell. A cell that doesn't look like the other cells. They can be as minor as inflammation, precancerous, to cancerous. Not trying to scare you, read it online, just informing you. Talk to your doctor, have him clarify the results for you. If he hasn't said anything to you about them then you don't have anything to worry about. I agree with Quester, you're fine, remember to put on sunscreen and have annual checkups.

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Thank you so much you were super helpful!
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you're welcome
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It's okay! It just means there were some odd cells there. It doesn't mean cancer. Us freckly girls will normally have an atypical mole or two at some point in our lives. I've had 4 removed, and 2 were "atypical." You're fine :) Just remember to use sunscreen and get annual scans.

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Thank you so much I'm so relieved
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