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Why has domestic violence become an issue of great concern in our community?What should be done to appropriately deal with this?

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I out of 5 woman are abused.
A woman gets attacked every 9 seconds. Someone needs to care.
The best way to stop DV is prevent DV and that happens thru education.
Signs to look for given in the comments....

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Many of the signs women are taught to Interpret as caring, attentive, and romantic are actually early warning signs for future abuse. Some examples Include:

INTRUSION: Constantly asks you where you are going, who you are with, etc.

ISOLATION: Insists that you spend all or most of your time together, cutting you off from friends and family.

POSSESSION AND JEALOUSY: Accuses you of flirting/having sexual relationships with others; monitors your clothing/make-up.

NEED FOR CONTROL: Displays extreme anger when things do not go his way; attempts to make all of your decisions.

UNKNOWN PASTS / NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN: Secretive about past relationships; refers to women with negative remarks, etc.


1. Was or is abused by a parent.

2. Grew up in a home where an adult was abused by another adult.

3. Gets very serious with boyfriends/girlfriends very quickly ? saying ?I love you? very early in the relationship, wanting to move in together or get engaged after only a few months, or pressuring partner for a serious commitment.

4. Comes on very strong, is extremely charming and an overly smooth talker.

5. Is extremely jealous.

6. Isolates partner from support systems ? wants partner all to themselves, and tries to keep partner from friends, family or outside activities.

7. Attempts to control what partner wears, what she/he does or who she/he sees.

8. Is abusive toward other people, especially mother or sisters if he is a male.

9. Blames others for one?s own misbehavior or failures.

10. Has unrealistic expectations, like expecting partner to meet all of ones needs and be the perfect partner.

11. Is overly sensitive ? acts ?hurt? when not getting one?s way, takes offense when others disagree with an opinion, gets very upset at small inconveniences that are just a normal part of life.

12. Has ever been cruel to animals.

13. Has ever abused children.

14. Has ever hit a boyfriend or girlfriend in the past.

15. Has ever threatened violence, even if it wasn?t a serious threat.

16. Calls partner names, puts him/her down or curses at him/her.

17. Is extremely moody, and switches quickly from being very nice to exploding in anger.

18. If a male, believes women are inferior to men and should obey them.

19. Is intimidating, for example using threatening body language, punching walls or breaking objects.

20. Holds partner against his/her will to keep him/her from walking away or leaving the room.

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A very valuable post waycup. Thank you.
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You're welcome!
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Domestic violence is indeed an issue of great concern because of the effects it has on society. Domestic violence destroys families and lives. It leads to divorces, meaning the children are deprived of love and care from one parent. It also destroys the victim's self esteem. Offenders ought to be locked up for a long time, and people sensitized on the adverse effects of domestic violence.

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I love WayCups answer.
I am a victim of domestic violence. NO!
I am a survivor of domestic violence.
But more importantly, I am a teacher against domestic violence.
The best way to be a teacher is to stop the cycle of abuse.
Domestic violence is an assault against another human being and should be treated as such.
Yes, I believe Domestic violence should be punishable, but also treatable ( through classes and education) whenever possible.
To be honest, from what I've seen, we have a long way to go in the education, treatment and punishment of Domestic Violence.
The way to stop the cycle is to speak out. People care. Judges care. You can make a difference. Remember, if you're silent, you won't be heard.
I've often wondered why it's called "Domestic Violence." Really, it's an assault and should be treated as such.
Together we can make a change. God Bless

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Excellent! Did you see my note on the Angel question? So glad you're back Parem!!
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TheHarem're still here. I am SO GLAD to see you. What a welcomed sight. You're answer caught my eye.
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I'm sorry you were worried. I'm Ok, really. Actually I had neck surgery. I'm very lucky in that I'm a veteran, I was able to have the surgery paid for through the Veterans Administration.
God is good and He certainly showers me with more kindness than I deserve..........but I'll take it anyway!
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Hope that you are doing good. I am still thinking, and touched by your domestic violence answer. Wish it could be read by more Ask people.
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So glad you're doing good.
Yes, DV needs much more awareness. It's funny, well not haha funny, but I always thought that since I had no bruises I was not abused. There needs to be so much more awareness about it. Like even if you are MARRIED, no still means no! So many teens are in very abusive relationships as well and don't realize it. It's so sad!
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Domestic violence has ALWAYS been with us, it's just safer to talk and do something about because the victims now have more legal protection than in past times. If you want to stop DV we have to teach the next generations how wrong it is and better ways of coping with the anger, frustration and self esteem issues that so often surround the abusers and victims. Education and prosecution could do wonders.

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