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Are these signs of being a medium? (Descriptive Events I've Been Through)

*If you don't believe in this stuff just leave and dont try to change my mind.* Anyway ill start from when i was 7 i was at my dads house it was small and at least 20 years old. One night i was sleeping and i woke up randomly my heart racing, i looked into the corner of my room seeing a figure it looked like a little boy or girl with night gown on with very soft facial features. my first instinct was to run away but something was keeping me starting at it. its was a grayish color soon becoming distorted i ran to my dads room crying. The next time something weird happened was i was at a wedding age 11 i was at an opera house. (very old) it was said to be a spiritual place they said there were recordings and all this stuff. as i was walking through the halls i always felt this presence like someone was following me. As i turned around the back of my neck hairs stood straight up. what was even creepier is i hear a "pah" whisper. While i was there there was a older lady standing there like she was frozen whispering things. i couldnt stand it so i left. the next day i wasnt scared anymore an went to sleep. i woke up at 3am screaming holding my knee in pain i figured it was a dream because i have heard how dreams can affect you. Anyway when i was around 12 i was at the playground with my friends at school i think i was the only one who notice it but when i walked up on to the swings i had this urge to walk away for no reason, the swings were swinging randomly and there was no wind at all... call me crazy i know.. lol. lastly wasnt to long ago me being 13 i was on a trampoline at this house that was abandoned by these people everything was still in there, clothes, personal itelms.. and i was just sitting on it(the trampoline) and i heard these little voices on the back of my head. it freaked me out really my heart was racing and i was petrified i couldnt move i sat there to make sure i was just imagining things, i soon heard little steps coming my way and i whipped my head around and it seemed like everything was frozen. i didnt know what to do. im still 13 now and i was wondering if these were signs? Am i hallucinating? Paranoid? Maybe i should seek help.. lol. Someone tell me before i get caught up in this. I just want to find out! SORRY FOR THIS BEING SO LONG!!

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Well, if you feel you are, then,maybe you're right

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