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What should I do?

Okay so my sister has been really annoying. She has been pulling the jealousy card a lot and has been really spiteful towards me (Calling me things like Princess and talking over me obnoxiously when I'm trying to explain stuff to her) because I stay at my friend's when she (and everyone else) has to go to my mom's boyfriend's house. Our house has some major issues so were moving into my mom's bf's until she can save money to get a better house. And my sister is always saying things like, "Why does she get to stay at her friend's house," and "Why does she not have to go to our dad's?" And ik the answers for both, the first is because my mom likes my friends and I actually got their numbers unlike her so I can hang out with my friends after school. And why I don't go to my dad's is because I have track meets and other school stuff that I wouldn't be able to make if I didn't go and I also hang out with my friends and my dad couldn't care less if I came or not. And I was ranting about her on the phone and she heard and now she's mad at me... :/

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Just try explaining it to her and if that doesn't work then she will have to get over it sometime. But sisters will be sisters.

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Sisters are always like that, I guess it's something you're going to have to get used to, because one thing with sisters is that they don't listen to you.

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