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What were the causes of US Revolution & how they were addressed in Constitution & Bill of Rights?

US History

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Some of the causes of the U.S. revolution include the French and Indian war that left the British deeply in debt. This meant that the colonies became less dependent on Britain. There is also the sugar act of 1764 that raised revenue by increasing duties on sugar imported from the West. Find details on how these issues were addressed in the constitution at

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I read Paul Revere's Ride by Professor David Hackett Fischer a few years ago. Fischer is a bit boring but does provide you with something interesting every other page. So when I read your question I thought of one of the main aspects of the book - the fact that Americans wanted to govern themselves. Fischer points out, with evidence, that many Americans were happy with their European heritage and that many Americans still spoke with British accents, but no longer considered themselves European or British. (Paul Revere himself was both happy with his French ancestry and proudly American.) Captain Levi Preston, who had fought at Concord, was interviewed by an historian at the age of ninety-one. The interviewer asked him if he was oppressed by the Stamp Act. "I never saw any stamps and I always understood that none were ever sold." Asked about the tea tax: "I never drank a drop of the stuff. The boys threw it all overboard." Liberty writers. "I never heard of these men." The interviewer then pressed him for the core of it all. He replied, "Young man, what we meant in going for those Redcoats was this: we always had governed ourselves and we always meant to." (Chp 10: The Muster)

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