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Questions about Secretaries?

I'm thinking about what jobs I want in the future and apart from the main one I want I was thinking about secretaries. Now I have a few questions a) what exactly does a secretary do? b) can i work a part time job as a secretary? c) do they generally get a decent pay? d) what are job requirements?

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I'm a secretary/receptionist and it is not something you want to make a career out of (unless you find that you really enjoy it). The pay generally ranges from $10-$14 an hour, depending on how much work you do, and the job you work at. It is almost always full time.

My daily job duties include:
Answering the phone
Giving directions
Helping visitors
Organizing the front desk area
Filing information

Being on time
Organizational skills
Strong customer service skills
Computer skills (Microsoft Office, Excel, and Powerpoint, and typing)
Grammatical and writing proficiency

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You are probably great at it!
Hi J!
: )
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I would say so :D hey there, nice to see your face bright and early!
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ans phones
take appointments
take notes
manage the office

yes, you can find part time work as a secretary

pay differs from workplace to another

computer and typing skills
shorthand (some places, not all require, but good to know)
office management

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There are different types. Legal, medical, executive assistant, they do OK paywise, depends on what you do. Government secretaries go by a "GS" scale. I think they start at a GS 4; step 1. You can become a "head secretary" or office manager in time. In the military they are called; "Admin. personnel".

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some decent replys already
i once had four at one time
each had their own roles
all to keep me in order
it becomes a relationship that (if done right) can be wondrous
they all knew how much i needed and appreciated them
if it werent for how they did their job i couldnt do all that i was doing
i am too respectful to allow someone to get my drink or handle menial personal tasks
however, as busy as i was, they were glad to watch out for me and that spilled over into other areas
as young as i was there were times where they mentored me as much as i did them
it was more than executive assistants.. they were lifelines at times
verrrrrrry important to my life
if you get a job like that.. treat it with that kind of respect and opportunity
my "assistants" felt every part of the day/wins/experiences as i did and do
they pay varied per experience and role.. but yes they were paid well (more than some of my other employees).. just depends
in most cases.. starting low is the case.. then work up as you performance grows

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