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how can I strengthen my voice?

I have a cold but my voice is really weak and I want it back! how can I strengthen it using natural recourses? I tried not talking for a while and it didn't work and even overnight it didn't get better :(

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1. SING, wherever possible, 2 of your favorite songs: one that sounds like your voice, and one that doesn’t. Sing them exactly like the singer does, don’t pause or drop verses.
2. Do some Tongue Twisters wherever possible, especially before rehearsals or auditions.
3. Read Edgar Allan Poe’s “THE IMP OF THE PERVERSE” aloud, until you can do it without mispronouncing any words. (When you’ve achieved that, outdo yourself by rehearsing The Architect’s Speech from THE MATRIX RELOADED).
4. Make sure your posture’s good and you stand as erect as possible–this produces the longest, clearest ‘speaking channel’ through the torso.
5. Keep your throat moistened with enough pure water. (Hint: if you take a menthol cough drop after every performance, you will rarely, if ever, lose your voice.)
6. Improve your breathing by exhaling for a count of 15, inhaling for a count of 10, and holding that breath for a count of 20. (You don’t have to breathe like this all the time, just perhaps 10 times a day or whenever you remember to…it’ll also increase your energy level.) this i what i found out... this should help you strengthen your voice! :)

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Wow thanks :)
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Yap! :)
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