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Why is my homepage sweetpacks? I don't like it. I have tried to uninstall it many times and many ways. Please help! See additional details.

I am using Chrome. I have tried many many times to delete sweetpacks. It never works. I have refreshed my computer every time after attempting to delete sweetpacks. I have also deleted my history every time. If you do not know, it would also be helpful to know if there is anyone or anywhere I can take my laptop to and have them fix it for me. It is a Sony Vaio. I have only had it for a couple weeks. I absolutely hate sweetpacks. Please Help!

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Your homepage could be having SweetPacks due to downloading other software from distrusted servers. You can try to uninstall it by clicking on the Google Chrome control button and choose "Settings". Then, you can select your preferred search engine and mouse-over it and click "Make default". Go to for more.

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I think I already tried this but I'll give it another shot. Thanks anyway
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I tried just now and it didn't work. I'll check out the site even though im almost positive ive already visited it.
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Okay...on my own I have successfully made google come up when i start google chrome, but when i make a new tab it is still sweetpacks. I guess it's progress, but I still hate sweetpacks.
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Nevermind. I figured it out myself. FINALLY!! PRAISE THE LORDS!! I just reset all browser data or something like that. Thank you anyway though. Yay! Sweetpacks is gone!! (for now............)
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