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How do I get over my first love and be courageous enough to cover a tattoo that I got because of her?

When I first fell in love, I thought she was the one, I thought we would never separate. So, I got a tattoo of some lyrics to our favorite song we would always listen to. I'm in a new relationship now and other than my son, I don't want to be reminded of her. Every time I look at my arm, those lyrics are there and it makes me think of all the wonderful times we had and how it all crumbled down on me, yet I can't bring myself to cover it. I feel like I still love her, but I feel like the woman I'm dating now is truly, TRULY the one and when I'm around her I don't want to be reminded of my first love. How can I get the courage to cover the tattoo that reminds me that I might still love my ex?

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First of all you just met this new girl. You are still in the "puppy dog" phase. Do not do any thing permanent to your body yet. It is way too soon! :0)
Second of all, you can not cover up a "scar" without healing the wound that caused the scar in the first place. Yes you can literally cover up a tattoo with a new tattoo but you can not cover up the pain that is still there. You need to heal before you can truly move on my friend. And it IS OK to still love your ex wife. You may always have love for her because she did give you your precious son. And being kind, loving, or quartile to each other would be much better for your son then arguing and hating his mother. You can heal and be happy then think about covering up your tattoo. :0)

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That's a wonderful answer! ^_^
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Thank you @eevvee! :0)
Sorry it took awhile for me to comment back. I am on a tablet and one of the down falls is I don't have an activity button. :0(
Thank you for your kind comment. :0)
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Before you can cover your tattoo you need to come to terms as to why you broke up. When you figure that out and you have finally gone through the five stages of death (yes, people go through those in relationships too.) you can finally move on and cover your tattoo.
Five stages
1) denial
2) anger
3) bargaining
4) depression
5) acceptence

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Take your time. When you feel ready to cover it up, don't put anything personal about anyone other than you or your kid. Those are pretty much the only guaranteed constants in your life. Other things to avoid things that are funny now, but might be vulgar to you in a decade. No one but you will know when to cover it up, but yinyang has good advice. Try healing on the inside first.

Have you watched tattoo nightmares? The people are real, the skits are just silly, and the end tattoos are real works of art. What's mind blowing is how many of the people go there, get a tattoo covered, and leave saying OMG I finally got rid of that awful chapter in my life! Everything's gonna be better now, and they actually seem to believe it.

Some of them are right. Like the guy who was held down and given a Nazi prison tat, yeah getting that fixed just might be life changing. There's a few more that the tattoo was the actual problem, but often the prob is deeper. In your case, it might be nice not to be reminded of her so much, but it's just ink. Come up with the one tattoo you know you won't regret and go for it when you're ready.

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