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Is there a specific name for the style of nails miley cyrus has in her "23" video?

I want my nails like that but i dont know how to explain them to the guy who does my nails

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Why don't you just show him a pic?...

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Ok I will
Bossy girl :)
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Here ?...
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hi you.. you rock
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Hey hey... You too

Did you see the last comment on the other thread?
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miss me? ha
ya i did.. goof..
wanna go be totally random and go bowling?
id so wanna laugh at you..
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Ha hmm nah..:P kidding

Yep..:)) hey :( lol
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Ha come back here, scrolling in the other one is ticking me off
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really you would? are you as bad as me? lol
i just want to belly laugh.. is that ok

im here.. i was too.. lol.. agree.. you make me laugh..
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Really what?.. Hah bossy?

That's ok ha

Same lol
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lol. yes you get to be bossy with me
in moments.. sometimes.. kinda.. lol
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Did you have dinner?..:) what did you have?
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flea markets... how many can we find. ???
a reason to travel.. ha
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5..6 10:O

Don't know haha
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yes.. i had to work. so i found left over double stuffed potato and ordered in a salad (dont know how to even make a salad).. ok i do.. just its a hastle
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you? dinner

what does 5.6.10.O mean?
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Aw :( lol a salad ?

I love making a simple, pecan strawberry spinach salad with lime and feta cheese

Gotta get my appetite back! A lot of people are telling me how thin I look..-.- my fave is usually the first to slim down

I've lost about 7 lbs in a week :/ not good for my height

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I was just messing with ya lol
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you always make things seem soooooo good.. the things you add and way you say

how you look? meaning? hmmm hun?
i dont like that.. time for me to get bossy???

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ya well ima mess your hair up.. just cause..soooooo
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got it.. a little slow
thanks for the message.. thoughtful.. ok.. night sweets
mu.. ymmd
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Ha what do you mean how do I look?...

My hair eh, that's ok I always mess it up on purpose :P so
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GM.. wow..
you referenced that others are talkin bout "how you look" after the 7 lbs
i wasnt aware of the hard week that led to
sposed to share stuff w me.. ik i said as you want/need.. hope you know i can be here for you.. well to the extent you let me.. and the extent i can.. until/unless things change in our circs somehow

like it.. my kinda girl.. :)
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Haha jerk, :)) gm

Oh well, mostly they can tell by my face and my collar bone

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hey.. i can just see me bringing you coffee in the morning only to have you throw a pillow AT me.. and in the sweetest of all ways.. call me a jerk :).. awwwww
gm beaYOUteeful.. ha.. messes up hair

ya? wellllll gunna share with me? how you are doing.. NO not eating.. bla.. THAT makes me mad.. js

:)) too btw.. (sigh)
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Haha, no no wouldn't do that.. Well actually


Makes you mad... I'm gonna make something to eat I promise, I will share :)) since I know I won't finish it
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Hey come backkk... Ha, or there won't be any more left
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hey my last comment was removed? or i didnt hit enter. geesh

i was sayin share "things"/stuff w me.. not food.. althoughhhhhhhhh that too.. ya better

so share.. MonseyMonkey.. NOW.. honey-oats.. two spoons :)
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Ohhh ha sorry, well I don't know, I guess me not eating has to do with how I've been feeling this month, wk.... I've had depression like I told you, still dealing with it... Thoughts blah blah... Know what I mean?...

Um how about two sunny side up eggs, topped with sautéed onions, jalapeños with avocado and feta cheese lol, I make my breakfasts so complicated
Mmm hash browns, I make awesome hashbrowns
Or or, um rosemary with onions, well jalapeño again and tomato on top of eggs with refried beans :))

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omg... im falling in like with you... :) and your bfasts.. are killing me :)

ya? i feel helpless.. what i would like to do for you.. cant be done
so much i know to say.. yet.. just .. unconditional

i hope our connection doesnt make it harder on you.. some kind of figment or mirage.. its not.. yet we are in two dif worlds..

so i will just keep encouraging.. agape.. other/more
you are a blessing
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Haha are you drooling?... You clean hun

You are helping a lot !


Nope it doesn't at all, don't ever think that ok
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yes drooling.. now pass the taters.. and avacado feta onions.. eggs.. omg
turkey.. you know what that does to me

ya.. well this isnt about ME helping you.. goes both ways.. js

:((.. its ok.. hun..

ok.. ill try..
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Turkey, :) we make our turkey different ! Family recipe

You'll try ?
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ohhhhh Monse... i WILL.. just

this is gunna be a hard turkey day.. my fave holiday
my mom was so good to me.. always made my fave stuff.. cake.. loved to serve me/us.. miss her

so i sent my sis, her fam and my dad on a plane to my dad's sis.. so he can change the environment..

but ya.. i will .. :) turkey!!
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Oh I'm sorry hun, where will you be thanksgiving ?

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ima be in a good place :)
hows your day sweets?
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Okay good then ?

Ok, cleaning, um about to make something to eat, singing ha, watching tv

How is yours?
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singing.. someday i get to hear.. and talk to yourself stuff. and and
cleaning.. i did that this weekend.. mom taught me well :)
its good.. just the right amount of work.. had a good 6am meeting with my guys
nice treat to see you today..
watcha fixin ta fix?
kel bug is doing a little better it seems? dont know if was home stuff.. or me or ??
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Good ;)

Aw, you tired/sleepy?
Probably the two eggs with onions, hashbrowns and um avocado... Tall glass of ice water and my coffee..;)

Yes, I noticed... She's fine now
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hey.. not sure if you get on on turkey day
but.. it would be great to "see" you.. for a min even

ya.. tired.. but im used to it. part of how i roll. i can sleep thursday or on the weekend..

yk that you're killing me right.. im already enamored..
hey i have a country song.. i might have mentioned
"i think im falling.. in fun with you"..have another one too
seeeeee.. we can write some stuff.. (on paper too)
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Hey you never know, maybe I will pop in..:)

Oh ok..

Aw:))... Haha, I'll listen to it hun

Want a song?...
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no no... its a song we can write goof.. THEN you can listen.. ha

nice song.. listening as i work.. added to list/library.. up to 28 songs

no you dont hafta pop in :).. will mu
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Haha.... I kinda got that idea


Well I didn't say I would cause you told me lol... I said who knows?!
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Hey gotta go..
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me too.. :)
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Mm?... Was I being too mean or what ? Earlier
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no baby.. not too mean
i like just how ya are.. i like the feisty moments
you are sooooo..
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Ah ok good,.... I have my moments..:))

How are you?!
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so did you think you were mean?
were you havin a tuf moment?
would you let me airplane spin you in those times? or should i give you space? :)
im good. worked out.. watching a movie..
thai tonight
helped a friend for a moment with his corvette
no early meetings.. yay
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Hmm no not really, well I don't know

No I wasn't, just a throbbing pain on the right side of my head -.- haha

Airplane spin me lol, I've never heard that phrase/term! Well I don't get many English ones

Hmmm depends :)

Good, what movie ?
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how do you know who twiggy is? (i saw a clip)
where would you wanna go for your 21st bday?
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I've always liked her, saw her once and fell in love :) lol
But why would someone refer me to her I'm not blond nor do I have blue eyes

Umm, anywhere ha.... I remember we announced my bros 21 in peter piper haha he was sooo embarrassed
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laws of attraction

you get lots of headaches? i did for a while.. changed diet.. but there are other factors im sure (wanna talk sometime)

when i was young my babysitters bf.. later husband dick.. would airplane spin me until i laughed.. worked every time (she became ms america)

depends.. ? ok.. ill fiture it out.. right? lol
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you are ummm interesting.. in the sense that your soul transcends circumstance and time i think?

no but you have a similar shape of torso and head i think
and features.. eye shape and cheek bone perhaps..

ok.. well just curious.. its not tomorrow so..
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Yes, could be anything form lighting etc. ..:) I can talk


Depends on my mood lol,
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Agh *from
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Interesting eh?...

Well I guess hah..;)!

What movie are you watching ?...:)
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"laws of attraction" .. its purdy good

bought a camera.. i think you would make a great photographer.. better than me

light.. i have a friend that i was on a board with that suffered from depression and headaches for 20 years. he took his son skiing one day and was happy as a lark.. learned that his issue was light.. then changed his lights in his buiness and house.. hasnt had an issue since.. can be so many things
im more of an inside out guy.. not really into drugs.. more into understanding/s
but sometimes it all goes together

i just.. want you to be .. (not just ok).. but great
more and more
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Oh ha sorry, must've missed that

Nah..:)) you will be a great photographer

Really :)
So it could be a factor of depression
Good, that you never did or do dr/ugs

I'm working on it.... Same goes for you !
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Did you have a song in your head today?

Do you talk to yourself ? :)

Have any odd habits ?

What made you smile today?
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ya try to pay attention.. geesh

idk.. i do have "an eye" for a couple things perhaps..

ya it is.. doesnt make me "good" or impervious to hard.. i KNOW hard (we will talk someday)

have you? drugs? (i dont care.. dont need to answer).. you know i have NO judgement in me.. i look at peeps where they are.. as they are.. knowing that we all have a story.. me too.. nothing you could say would affect what i think about you..

im on a really good path. but it is a path.. not the destination
there will be lotsa hills and valleys... but in some ways.. never better

ty monse.. very much
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Haha sorry...

Me, well yeah actually once

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ya.. labios rotos.. (did you know i can whistle.. like i play my trumpet.. ?)
and its been awhile yesterday and today..

yes i talk to myself.. at times. ill say like "are you kidding me" to myself or a driver
or ill practice a conversation im about to have with a guy (mostly i dont cause i like life to talk.. not me)

habits.. the leg in the sheet thing.. hafta have one leg in at least even in the summer
have a system for my clothes (you would crack up at how many)
i like to open my roof and put my hands out like im FREE.. it makes me feel .. like im soaring.. and sing.. even when its cold at times

smile? a friend was hurting.. i met w him. we laughed together.
my staff person.. cracked me up.. she is a goof
they all are

i realized that the fog/clouds are moving.. disapating in my life.. i see it happening.. smiled inside

and.. you.. 3-4 times. idk.. i know its an unknown.. just your spirit is special
know that monse.. (not just for me)
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Really, labios rotos..:))

Me, um your song Elton John or right here by staind... Oh wait also haha radiohead-black star

Haha, the sheet thing..
I sleep with my arms up or wrapped up in blankets lol can't have my foot hanging out uneasy feeling


Good they are, me :) aw blush haa. Same for you..:)))
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who would you wanna meet from as/k? (not including me) if anyone?

could you have a long term special friendship.. and not be married to that person?

if on an airplane.. would you want the aisle or window seat?

would you rather draw.. or write? or ??

do you like to cook? or rather eat out?
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What made me smile?... Um getting butter and wine all over me -.- yeah it was funny but marinated the turkey today.. You:)

I talk to myself a lot, I even confuse people at times.. They're like huh?... Then I have to explain and sound crazy... Then I get laughed at LOL
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o m gggggg
i do too.. one friend says all the time.. he's like.. whaaaaa?
at least he understands

me? i toldja why i smiled.. a bunch today
turkey? im not sure yet hun..
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Aw not you haha... I don't know I have a lot of friends here
Maybe some of the my long time followers

Sure maybe, I don't know

Window !

Write, sing

I like to cook but I'd rather eat out :P

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S/ucks when some don't understand haha

Um we inject the turkey with white wine and butter, then make a paste/sauce that you rub in the turkey mmm so good, then a soaked towel of milk on top
Leave it to soak all that up... Oven

Omg best turkey ever,brought some to my friend once, he said it was the best he's ever tasted lol.
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idk.. i have nuf real peeps... kelbug.. but not cause im iinto meeting married.. unless there is ok circs with her guy

i have nuf real.. that are cool beans.. wanna meet em? lol

window.. i changed to aisle for awhile.. now i use it to sleep against.. and love looking at creation and the wonder of it all.. im still a kid inside

write.. sing.. (cant paint or draw)

i wish i could cook.. i know i can learn anything.. but i like the eating out part.. yk.. ordering and taking it home.. or there.. and no fuss or cleaning
buuuuut sometimes when i hear you say what you are fixin.. hmmm

id like to make a complete mess 1x a month of a kitchen.. take all day even
snag a blanket.. watch movies.. and enjoy the grub.. i made.. ya.. dreaming
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i bet.. sounds scurmptous
sigh.. ya..
turkey day is my fave :)
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Ha sure :)

Drawing, I'm ok....

I will teach ya !

Oh yeah sounds so awesome
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yay.. id like that.. to learn.. for you to teach me cookin skills. ya.. riiiiiight
we would prolly throw stuff at each other 1/2 way into it

did you think i was coming back.. when i left?
i hope you would be ok.. either way
what did you miss?
do you have a plan to stay at home or move out?
would you share more.. in time? about anything stuff?
were you struggling inside.. before your brother stuff?
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Haha yeah, I bet a mess would be made

No not really..:( really glad you did

I missed us

I'm probably gonna move out but on good grounds, um don't wanna hurt my mom she's been through enough even though I'm really not perfect, so I'm extra cautious...
Yes, probably
Yep I was very much so, he's been in there before but he's never done anything this big so just worried about the time he gets
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we can try.. :)

ya.. i didnt know.. what to do
i did too.. sigh

good monse.. really good.. glad you can think of your mom like that

ok.. well when/if you are ready..

you were personally hey? ok.. well i am praying every day for him.. your fam.. dad n mom.. and of course.. you (even if that's what my place is with you)

what is your fave side dish? potato.. asparagus? anything:???
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:)) I was so sad lol, well you got all my msg... When you wouldn't respond

I just feel rather guilty, she had to put up with all the crap of my bro and sis, life

Today I found my s/uicide note , and other writings I'm not very happy about in a box
I've never ever dared to tell anyone but something did happen to me in my childhood which pretty much scarred me... About a "friend"and no wasn't bullying... I was naive and innocent

Thank you hun :)

Hmm anything :) I like mashed potatoes

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well im sorry .. yk.. and i still am protecting.. my heart and yours.. kinda thing

ya i understand.. and its good to want to please her.. and go the extra.. but you also need to live your life... when its right. you shouldnt take the brunt of their hurting your mom.. still. wanting to love your mom and stay the course to show her it can be dif and not cause further pain. is great

you did? perhaps you should burn them? ceremonially or not? up to you.. if you wanna talk first great.. if not.. great.. you will know hun

i "get it" .. again nothing would surprise.. im not looking for you to tell your story or spill it.. not here.. not now.. unless you want.. in your time. i dont need to know. to understand.. yk? i can guess. but rather not either. heard and seen it all. i had my own hard thing/s. and have used it/them to be real and deeper and better for it.. but it has taken time and trust and patience and new. while you arnt my answer or savior to yay new.. (no one will be my way out).. you still bring a simple joy.. that is part of a new path

we all have been naive and innocent.. and in part i want to stay that way.. for you too.. you too i mean. part of my book is returning to that place.. so much to share..

yw... same :)

mashed.. omg.. my mom used to make THE best mashed taters.. ya.. so.. ya

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Don't be sorry

She's just a little controlling sometimes... Everyone tells me this, what you just said
She doesn't even know for example that I Like tats... She doesn't like them at all, broke her heart when my bro got them
I feel as if she is trying to make me someone I'm not
I lover her so much though, she's been through a lot so it's understandable why she is so overprotective plus she just doesn't want to lose me, I remember once something happened... I guess that was it for me, took me over the edge
Locked myself in the bathroom... They were so scared that I was doing something to myself and yes I'll admit I did want too

You understand?
I cannot get that out of my head, makes me so mad how it still affects me sometimes

Yeah, I bet they were mm... :))
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its her version of making her world safe and ok
you are her next and wants it to be dif
its not a fair expectation.. for ex.. if things were better for your sis and bro.. you wouldnt have the brunt of it all.. but there is virtue in it.. like you being considerate of her pain.. will matter later

tats.. hmmm i have more friends that wish they didnt later.. but i could also get one or two if..

you will know what to do when it is right for you and her and ...

we can have a traumatic thing happen and get a verson of ptsd (yes like war) where our world stops in its tracks in some ways.. we quit growing.. socially.. or spiritually or being ok with certain things in our life
its not something for us to completely get im sure in here.. but know im here with or without words

i have been at the end of myself a couple of times.. i actually am thankful that it happened and that i survived and what it now means (im sure dif from your version.. no comparisons.. just get the dark night of the soul stuff)

yes i do Monse.. understand. more than you may know.
out of your head? time and new paths.. love and replacing with other. no secret solution. just life and better. again i AM praying and am here.

yup and her cake :)
will be weird.. to go from 30-40 peeps to being alone.. it will be good for me. it is my choice. the rest of the fam is going to be up in washington with other fam

hey.. move your arm off my arm rest.. and good.. you dont like popcorn.. ha
so what would we share?
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Thank you so much for your words

Glad you understand really, ty

Aw sorry hun, I will pop in to say happy thanksgiving so you won't be alone :)

I don't mind popcorn I just get pretty nauseous with it

Hmm a milkshake, soda
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hun.. im wafin.. after early mornings
you ok? hows your head btw?
need to talk more?

wanna fly a kite?
ride a roller coaster?
make a late night snack?

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Wafin?... Lol

I'm ok just thinking, my head, better took some Advil
If you want, I know you have to get up early


Oh yes yes!! Would love that
Like what..?:)

Seriously need to stop with the text talk lol, I don't know what you mean :D?
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i actually have an 8:30am meeting.. so not early
text talk.. ha.. im so happy that.. ...

ummm like i could make us some french toast or .. oh i know.. you wanted some water melon.. when i was young.. my dad and i would watch the tonight show and share some watermelon

or you can decide.. would

advil is what i used too when they were bad back then
tylenol didnt work so much

milkshake yay.. banana? or chocolate or ??

some day.. we could stay up all night.. (not tonight :) )

you dont need to say hey.. on thanksgiving.. really.. i mean if it works out
and i will miss you
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Ohh ha got it... :)) same so happy

Aw :).... French toast sounds good !

Advil or aleve ... No I don't like Tylenol

Milkshake um cookies and cream ;)

No really I'll try :)))) me 2
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ok you get last question... duh duh duhhhhhhhhh :)

i have one.. will you be my ummmm
no you go.. say
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Tell me some good and not so good qualities about you ?

Last Q then I'm off to bed :))
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some might say im compassionate
and eclectic.. in taste and acceptance

not good.. umm get feisty.. strong (always working on it)
came from years of success and need to stay humble.. more and more
not pretty to share things ive "done" (allowed to do)

i steel the covers.. and arm rests evidently :)
im not good at letting others win (skipping rocks and monopoly) js :))

are you smiling..
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Haha you're an amazing person

Oh no haha covers me too

Wise so I've been told
I can laugh at anything

Bad it can be moody
Um I guess ^^

Yes I'm smiling !... ;))
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then today was a good day.. tomorrow to..
think of something you are thankful for (dont say)
sleep tight.. see you in dreamland (and share your 3 wheel dune buggy this time would ya)
night hun :))
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Ha night hun..:)))
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have a "sunshiney" day Monse
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Hey !

You too :))!
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i ammmm i ammmm sam i am
working harrrrrrd... where's my monse to save me?
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Haha too late for the rescue ?
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glub glub glub (bubbles rise)
good thing i have a looooong snorkel
hey dere happy face.. hows my twig?
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I'm alright, um busy day...
I'm writing a letter for my bro
Music as always <3 ;)

How are you?.. :))
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hi toots.. im super and duper both
i ddint see the notification.. thought you might be takin a night off from us
im actually learnt technology.. using my ipad to run my tv/utube etc and my iphone to run my camera.. (would you take over the techno stuff please :) )
naw.. its a kick
i have a new song.. well been workin on it..
oh and elton john.. try "someone saved my life today".. thought of you.. butterfly part
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:) great

Sure you didn't ha kidding


Cool, you must show me some of them or part of one song... One day

Okay will do, let me go hear it :)
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how are you?
you ready for your turkey.. marinated and all?
looking forward to food, fam and fun?
i want a full report on friday :) ha

ok you can handle the technology... im ok at it actually

yes i will.. would love for you to hear.. im just ok at the guitar part.. but i really think its a good one girl..

ok.. hope ya like it.. elton's best-ish

hey.. i dont want you worring bout getting on here tomorrow.. focus on you.. on your fam.. and makin peeps smile.. do a summersault or cartwheel for me
and some taters :)
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I'm ok, gave some people a scare today lol, they're a little too dramatic
My lower right side of my stomach started hurting that's all

Yes yes and yes ha

Eh you're probably great

I liked it!... I've heard it before :)) Ty

Ha hun, I'll try too pop in because I want too ok.. So you have NO say in it haha..:P
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sometimes (i mean sometimes) i like it when you're bossy-ish
in a sweet way

you ok.. tummy? need the doc?.. are you behaving.. are you? hmmmmm
no hiding pain stuff

butterflies are free to fly..

im trying to think of a nick name.. and a song (for you)
hmmm guess itll just hafta come to me

oh and ya.. someday
if you ever get itunes.. ill have a library of songs to share.. if ya want... we have a list of somedays.. ha.. writing this down?
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Haha well then good !

It was a pretty sharp pain :|| but seems that the pain is fading
If it persists I guess I will have to go to the dr
Lol I'm behaving
Ohhh I hide a lot of stuff , well health wise... Not from you

Let me know when you do ;D

Haha no, umm let me go get my pen paper ha
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ya.. well i said sometimes hun :)

sharp pain.. (not nagging)
and no .. rule.. we hafta tell that stuff.. stuff that matters stuff.. inside and out stuff
and good.. no hiding.. we get to be open
i dont need details.. past stuff.. that may or may not come out some day?
i have my own story.. great and hard both.. im connected w you in part because of your past has made you who you are..

ok i will..

yes.. you have the photo memory.. or we can start the list when someday comes.. if ever.. ok i kinda sorta hope.. ha.. kidding
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You can ask about my past if you want / story

Kidding eh... Ok

Hey! Always ask this but what made you smile today
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my dad did.. we talked for an hour
i didnt have time.. but i drop everything any time he shows up
helped him with his finance page thingy in excel.. he was frustrated
we talked till he/we laughed
he is headed up to portland and then washington for tomorrow and friday with the rest of my fam

i smiled when it was 4a and i couldnt sleep
does that count?

i overheard a dad talking with his daughter. it was precious..

when my daughter sent me a text to say she loves me.. for no reason

when my part time roommate told me he was going to spend the day tomorrow with his gf of four months (i set them up; she was hitting on me.. it was an attempt to get her attention elsewhere :) )

and well.. you

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Aw that's sweet, !

Sounds like you had a good day

Well helping put an older woman at work, she was in so much pain... But still managed to give me a warm smile

Talking to my niece, in Austin... Well she only made noises haha

Finding some old pics

And you too

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me? meeee!.. daddadadadadadadd lalalalalalalalalala.. ha

yes it was
you too.. like hearing your "why" stuff
warms smiles and all..
lol making noises.. cute

old pics.. can i see? ikikik.. someday

so when ya wake up.. tomorrow.. KNOW your bro is gunna be ok
your dad too. your mom is proud of you
and that you will be makin peeps smile (warm) forEVER
so be thankful.. (and i will too.. for all this.. and more)

oh and monse.. its your turn to go to the fridge and get a snack.. GO!!
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Same, I like the details... Remember them well,

Yessss! Ha

Agh I just wanna take him out of there... He's pretty down about the holidays

Thankful for you

Haha, gosh fine... What do you want ?
Report as
so.. it IS hardest right now.... he knows how much you care
just keep being you.. all you can do dolce

umm frozen peas.. the whole bag (so i can put it on you when you are relaxed)
annnnnd (shhh there's more).. ummmm strawberrys and watermellon (could you get the red-est piece.. mmmmmm).. oh and ice water.. lotsa ice.. and.. ummm thats good.. for now.. :)
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Can I eat the peas lol, after
Ice water perfeccctttt....

Report as
i like ice cold peas on my salad (and beets.. ikik.. but i do so there) and other things

ya.. might be a good snack afterall
ice water is the bomb..

im gunna make you eat fruit and veggies with me.. so there
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Really, I like cold chicken ;P

So there haha... Are you being bossy now?

Most embarrassing moment?

Do you mind displaying affection in public?...

Um have you watched any new movies recently ?
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cold chicken works
cold or warm salmon and caesar

me? bossy? mua? hmmmmmm not so much.. buuuuut i can try :)

oh i have a few. one time in memphis i lost in the semis (nationals) and my family all flew out to watch me win.. i was bleeding in several places and was doctored up.. but was exhausted.. had my head down and towel by my side

by the time i got into the 30 person jacuzzi.. i realized it was a co-ed.. and i was not wearin anything.. i think i was 17 and have always looked young for my age.. that didnt help my ego.. no way to look "cool"
i was really shy then..

pda? i like the idea of being lost in someone. so much so that moments would happen.. like kssing on first and main or holding hands without realizing it or and or and
just not disprespecting others.. wellllllll if i realize.. :)


bonus ?
do you think you will stay around your fam and ELP or ??? who knows stuff?
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Ha yes YOU... Bossy
Aw haha..:||
You shy..? :))
Agh I do have many but I remember I was out, then I saw someone I thought it was a girl I used too know... So I was calling out her "name" in public... Reached her and it wasn't her... She looked at me like I was freak

Eh that story was ok lol, just can't think of any

Um same, don't mind

Who knows, maybe... I would
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well i USED to be shy.. then i wasnt :)
i might be the most outgoing confident person you ever meet (if we do).. at the same time.. being shy is also something i like.. it was me when i was a child.. and suits me still better i think. still, ive been in the room with all kinds of walks of life and dont know how to be intimidated.. always feel like im a part.. whether homeless or the pres of the US or bands i know or athletes or or or
shy? is just how i feel comfy.. the crazy.. is my past.. im resisting going back for now

ha.. id like to see that.. heeeey heeeeey ummm hiiiiiiiiiiii.. (chasing her down).. stalker!! ha

you would ??? what?? stay around fam/home?

do you sneak candy into theaters?

no i havnt watched a movie in a theater since.. well for 1. 5 years or so (other than "lincoln")
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Really, well does it come out sometimes ?.. You're shyness :)
I like that, you won't change who you are, no matter what


Yes I would move

Lol yes, grab a huge purse and stuff it with candy/snacks

Ha really, I liked that movie
Maybe I'll watch Thor this wknd
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ya?? maybe we should go out on a movie date.. at the same time.. same movie.. cept never mind you will have the purse w all the candy.. and ill be 1163 miles away..

skittles or choc or flicks or milk duds or ummmm

you would? hmmmm.. well.. life has a way of painting a picture better than ours
lotsa time and we shall see's i know..
would i like el paso? lol

yes i am shy at my root. sorry
and NO.. as you can tell in here.. im not much of a follower.. and WILL be me..
its the only advice my dad ever gave me
i have pretty good luck being me.. and not listening to others version of cool
like drinking and drugs (extreme ex).. i love those guys.. hang with em.. i just wont change and try stuff. well wine someday

same with church/religion or how to lead or how i learned golf or the way i prepare to focus in sports.. i dont listen to anyone and their way..
im lets say.. (like someone else i know) inDEpendent :)

and LOVE people all at the same time..
need a lolipop?
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:))) !

( 1163) Aw haha had to k!ll it didn't ya...

Chocolate... Hershey's milk choc with almonds
ELP eh um maybe, well I want too move
Why sorry...

Yes I can tell

Good hun, great advice

Me pretty independent :))

Sure, orange please

Alright gonna ask you something, can't help my feelings of course but do you think I'm being ridiculous... Depression and anxiety
I've just heard my whole life of being put down... Don't be the victim they said,.
So I just always stayed quiet, learned to tough it out
Oh and you told me about PTSD I've looked into that before, some symptoms I have.. Ah I don't know , don't wanna be dramatic, needy
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yes you are independent
and precious
ya the movie thing still works.. if ya/we want

well in the next three years.. snag kel and come visit.. (hopefully she is busy) :)

well i need more context.. and i dont both
(not now.. not yet)
put down.. i was too when i was young.. .called names and was never good enough.. part of why i strived so hard.. in some ways made me better.. other ways.. i had to get over

partly reconditioning.. remolding.. reprogramming
partly love.. i miss love.. the human kind.. but thats where God comes in for me

still i get it.. get you.. there is a bit of the victim piece..
it can be overcome.. and yet it will be a part of your past

the best way to move forward is to replace the hard with better/good/great
like say.. this.. our times.. (small but good example)

things that matter.. real.. helping others.. the warm smile you were a part of today..helping out with the salvation army with a friend at Christmas time..etc

no one can take that away.. no one can put a trip on you
i like being single cause i am free to love others in various ways
IF i ever fall again.. (and i do hard it seems only to be heart broken).. its gunna be via loving God and others.. and she will complete me.. be my best friend and grow together

all that to say that love wins..
hun.. can you see that it can? i mean even a friendship?
PTSD only happens when we dont realize it.. and then we can work through stuff
we all have stuff AND its ok. dont let it win.. you are strong.. special.. inside you are courageouis and sweet

life has a path for you.. oh i wish i could say it better.. im so much better when there is dialogue and eyes and soul

i pray for you.. would champion anyone special in yoru show you that you are that special.. a grandpa.. a friend.. someone you serve.. your family.. and yes a guy.. if that is to be.. (its my job to root for you.. even if i had a .. well its my job)

im sorry.. this is too important not to say better
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I'm sorry never mind, hun

I'm always questioning myself, I don't like that about myself
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NO.. not never mind.. geesh
stop.. turkey (appropriate for today)

i love that about me.. questioning.. people call me the question guy
its part of me

part of you.. let it be
ohhhh i just wanna.. grrrrrrr.. shake you.. and tickle you
and go get a coke

are you kdding me.. ok we will take this up again and again and again..
just dont push this off
girls.. geeesh.. :)))
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I would explain so much better, if we were face to face

I was told get over it, who cares

But I don't see how anyone could've broken you're heart really, seriously I've never met someone quite like you

Thank you... For you're advice... Know that I take it all in, soak it up
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i know.. its a hazard of being in here
and face2 face .. well by that time.. we ill have quite a story to cover and add to

yes you would tell it better
i would listen and hear better
sometimes you woudlnt get a big response.. cause you just need to say.. to get it out.. not be given answers

get over it? who cares? thats not healthy. and that isnt how you're gunna do this.. not in and over time.. cause.. you matter and you are cared for.. i care.. and im just me.. dont buy that lie hun!

ya well 2x's.. long long stories
in a dif way.. i can relate to your bro.. to you
and at the same time.. i am THE most blessed... and thankful
if we sat on a beach all night.. you would be both surprised and amazed.. at the great and the hard in my story. part of why im writing a book
but under that.. i am just me (similar to you i think)

advice? idk.. i think you have the answers.. i just want you to find them.
your soul is deep and will "see" what's best.. in time.. your job is to trust that
my job is to love you into it (agape)

what time ya have to get up and start getting ready for the day?
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Haha, alright

In my head I mean!... On and on its sooo annoying, I just can't control it sometimes

You go get me one with lots of ice
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we all have two paths
all of us
the hard/dark side.. and the simple/sweet side
both are real.. they manifest in dif ways
you are not alone

old indian tale.. two dogs in a kennell.. a white dog (virtue of best) and a black dog (hard and dark).. the chief tells the tribe that the one that will defeat the other is determined by
.. which one is fed the best/most
when i feed the white dog.. i am blessed.. no headaches.. and better outcomes.. spirit and joy
.. when i feed the black dog.. well we go sideways..each in our own ways
.. you have been told a lie.. that you need to get over it.. which tells you that you arnt important.. or at least your feelings or needs arnt
oh you will get over.. but not that way

fill your thoughts with good stuff..
pick me!!!!!! lol
no you know what i mean
songs that make you smile.. take you places

i know there is more to you than i see. same with me. but what i see.. is off the charts
(i cant find another string)

lol.. your cute when your bossy
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Well, yes that's what always been in my head,

Would love to hear, talk


Um I have no idea, probably making the cake early, so we can leave the turkey in the rest of the time
Clam chowder-- pretty easy

So I'm not sure

Are you tired ?... Tell me when you're about crash/sleep
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im sleep typing.. but know you wanted to talk
hey guess what.. i have seven pillows around me now.. ha.. beat ya
nanner nanner
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True, That story sounds familiar

Um hmm I pick.. Er haha YOU
I'll try to find one
Haha bossy... you are too,

Well then go too sleep!

Haaaa funny, um I have nine today for some odd reason
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you so do not
you just said that to have more.. pfft
(nose grows)
ok pinocheo

well i pick umm you back

i am sleeping monse (see?)

hey.. in case i dont see ya menana
.. well umm you know

here's your water.. crushed ice.. cubs on the top
ok.. off to sleep
unless you wanna chat me up and tell me a story
and ummm be goofy?
alli hafta do is snag a piece of chocolate

ha im watching a spanish movie with captions
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Lol no no my nose is fine !

Yay I got picked ;P

well hun remember to laugh, smile and think of um me haha kidding
Just enjoy ok... Watch a funny movie, ask... Whatever you like to keep busy

Aw thanks :)))

Go and sleep.:)) sweet dreams

Lol captions... Cute
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enjoy your fam.. the day..
and i will hun.. and smile :)
(yes you got picked)
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Lol, can't sleep hun

Your vote gave ya away
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I meant you can't sleep ^^
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oh ooops lol
im watching "opa"
im too into it
annnnnd.. i thought you wanted to go to sleep
i can never really tell.. i just dont like keeping you up on my account
esp if you have a big day ahead..
if i had my way.. id be up all night w you sometimes.. bugggging you
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Opa eh, I've never seen it

I thought you did

I'll be fine, just thought you were tired

Ha really...:)) buggin
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i was.. then i ate come chocolate.. gulp
its a pretty interesting movie.. hispanic gal falls for gringo in town
then she gets miffed at him.. he is trying to help the resort town in mexico
idk.. they arnt talking
but they like each other
they went on a date before she got miffed at him for hiding some secret about why he is there
he's tied to the mexican mob.. at least it seems
hey.. maybe this is our story? lol..
scootch over.. and pass the water
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Will check it out!... Aha maybe

YOU scootch oh and stop stealing the blanket.... Oh yeah and pass the choc
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really? already?
your gunna fight over a silly blanket? geesh..
oh.. here's your milk choc hun (acts sweet).. takes more blanket
its a really good flick..
its 2am there.. niiiiiiice effort gf
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Well I am cold :( ha... *gives you puppy dog eyes

Hahaha... Smh it's 2 am thanks for stating the obvious... Lmao kidding hun jk ;))
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thats not fair.. you know that every time you do that.. i will melt
so NOT fair

well i try.. gotta keep ya on your toes

ya ya.. and also.. its dark outside.. captain obvious to you my dear
wywh.. ha
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Haha,:)) I would just give that look to my ex and he would do anything ! :||

Lol I was just kidding :)))..... Agh there you go with "text" talk ha, I don't feel like figuring it out..;))
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he just jumped off a pirated ship to save her from another pirated ship
and she is acting miffed at him still
would you do that.. ??? hmmm?
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Haha this movie sounds so odd

Hmmm maybe ;P

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oh i bet.. or know..
do you miss him? love him?

ya.. just said.. wish you.. (lazy girl lady woman person)

princess ring huh?
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I miss him, he was my best friend first
Love him yes, in love mm no

Haha, not lazy!

Nah more like queen ;))
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princess? now queen!.. you arnt one of those mind-changing women are you?

well thats cool
my best was my best from age 9 to 19
another long story
she married a rock star
(think of jenny in forrest gump)
she came back 2x to say we belonged together
i had married an olympic gymnast
the week i was to get married.. she came to me to say that she loved me.. this after 9 years of being bests
i loved her.. never told her..
she had moved away from age 14-18 to central america
i wrote to her for four years every day. her mom quit giving her letters after three months
she came back and started dating the school quarterback before she checked back in.. i was playing sports abroad (in highschool)
we were "twins"
we kissed once... yuck.. just spent every day together for five years
she got into drugs and i helped her get clean 2x
havnt seen her in a while.. hope she's ok
i love her very much.. have no feelings for more.. havnt for a while
same with my ex.. love her. not enlove. (she's ummm well i dont uncover peeps.. never will)
ok thats a lot..

heres the blanket back :)
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Um um nooooooo, sigh yes

Oh wow, complicated eh....

No haven't seen him either, but
You're pretty complex you know that lol, you always leave me on my toes I guess I could say ... Good that you don't "uncover peeps "

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hey you
saw your answer
glad you're happy.. finally..
more to come.. more so see :)
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Thanks for making me smile :)

Well today overall was a good day
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ya.. i like complex. not complicated
so do all the complex you want
and thanks for sharing btw
i knew ya had it in ya.. lol
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Haha, alright

Okay seriously now I'm gonna sleep..:)) even though I could go on

Report as
movies over
stick a fork in me
miss me? ha.. jk
ima see you when i get to..
night.. cuddle up.. :)
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Haha.... Poke! ;))))

Hmmm YES!

Cuddle, snuggle and don't forget to wobble lmao.... Kidding that was super LAME
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Report as
Ha, you're the king remember
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and you are the queen :).. night hun
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Sweet dreams
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Happy thanksgiving day hun!

Smile and eat some ice cream or chocolate ..;))
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you got it hun.. hope your day is goin great
thanks for sayin hi and sendin great thoughts your way :)
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Hey,we put on hotel California..:)) I thought of you!
Report as
hey! i put on a thousand years and flighless
and thought of YOU.. so there..
yay hotel C.. just sat in my front room.. lookin over the valley and played it a couple hours ago
(hey you have some mashed taters on your cheek.. saving it for later?)
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Aw ha..:))


Um um where ! ... Oh yeah leftovers ;P
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what made ya smile today? :)
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Playing with my nieces, my Victoria the little one was sooo excited to see me

Um well my grandparents

My mom grandma and I cooking together, talking about old memories... How when I have my family that I will look back and remember these times

Oh yeah and you!

What made you smile ?....:)
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aw that's sweet
and you will.. 4evER.. glad you have those times.. spcl stuff

me? mwua?

i watched somethings gotta give and laughed till i fell on the ground..
talked w a couple friends on the phone
good to hear from a couple others
the peace i have inside considering..

you.. thought of our recent talks
thought of re engaging with a couple (had 4) orphanages.. in time
that is something i want to do again.. by myself.. or with someone..
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Yes you, see told ya I would show up

That's funny, I love that movie
Really that's amazing, I would like to do that, missionaries you know

Thinking about our talks eh... What are your thoughts

Tell me ..:))

Hey hun gotta go but meanwhile, tell me what you thought about
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yes.. and that's so sweet.. i want you to enjoy your fam
we have tomorrow/s (plural)
right? hmmmm

missionaries? it doesnt cost much hun and goes a lonnnnng ways.. plus its so rewarding to connect with something that really matters (im just dreaming.. maybe in a year?)

yes.. that we have them.. so many.. not wishing for another outlet.. this is great
(need to find another string; annoying) :).. still its groundwork / foundation
and yet.. simple and sweet it seems

when i awoke.. i prayed for things we talk about (i do so for lots of peeps in my life).. esp what you started to share..
i wonder what you think about what i share/d... my story..
i like our connection... and.. understand it is what it is.. and thats ok/good/great
think of what you share. how you share. like your heart and spirit.
our shared want to see each other. even knowing the circs are... what they are
wonder if we go poof? or if we get to have more?
not needing.. not serious.. not concerned.. just thankful for you.. us
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Right :)

Oh yeah btw I've always thought about that, missionaries
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hiiiii gm
hey the other string has someone that pays attn i think?
thanks for sayin hi last night and yesterday.. meant a lot
and you have? missionairies? whatcha mean?
ive done things 7-10 days at a time a few times a year

you do too? think about stuff .. i know we are both thinkers anyways :)
off to a meeting .. im late.. ha as usual
smiles.. and hope you are sleeping in
bless someone today :) and ty
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