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can someone please explain in detail how to solve this problem

Carlos is 8 years older than Megan 4 years ago Megan was 2/3 Carlos's age how old r they now

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Let c be age of Carlos and m be age of Megan.
the first statement in equation form is
second statement is
since its 4 years back we need to subtract 4 from both of ages.
substitute equation 1 in equation 2
age of Megan is 20 and that of Carlos is 28.

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Carlos was 8 years older than Megan 4 years ago so the equation is 8 = M - 4 or M=12. If Megan was 2/3 of Carlos's age back then Carlos would have been 12 x 3/2 = 18. How old are they now? Add four years and you get 16 and 22 years old.

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Thx for the reply but u were wrong :(
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OK. Maybe you can explain the correct answer to me.
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I didn't understand it either all I know is it was 20 and 28 but my teacher said to use c-4=2/3m-4
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When I plug those answers into the equation, it doesn't work out right. Interesting question. I could follow my answer and it seemed correct but I could be wrong. I'd need to see the correct answer though.
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