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How long does it take your memory to fully come back after having advanced lyme disease

I was diagnosed w/criptococal meningitis which took almost 2 years to find since I am a very healthy adult. My 1st 2 sets of blood work showed positive for lyme disease but my doctor said it was a false positive. After going through the treatment for the meningitis which took over a year I was still sick and getting worse fast. When my short term memory went my doctor went into overdrive to find out what was going on. After running ever test possible or known she discovered I now had advanced lyme disease which was in my central nervous system causing harm to my brain (as if the cryptococial meningitis did do enough). I had to do IV antibiotics for 30 days then 60 days of oral antibiotics (which killed my gallbladder & this had to be removed). As of today I am still having problems w/my short term memory and just had psychological testing done which showed I have "face blindness" & severe short term loss. My doctor wants me to begin taking medication for early Alzheimer's. I am however curious if my memory will ever come back; my doctor said my brain has had 2 major "injuries" and it has probably healed all it can but to keep a positive out.

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Lyme's disease or meningitis , like any illness that effects the brain, can result in temporary or permanent memory issues. Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes to rebound from this type of central nervous system damage will vary from person to person, just as the severity of the illness varies. I would suggest that you find a program for individuals that have suffered strokes or other traumatic brain injuries, as they train you to do exercises that can increase your memory. Also, reading, do word puzzles and other activities that require you use your brain can help to promote healing. Eating healthy foods, getting plenty of sleeps and taking a multi-vitamin, one which has been approved by your doctor, can also help to increase memory and well being. Taking notes, especially while suffering from short term memory loss, can make simple daily tasks easier to manage.

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