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Is homeopathy the forefather of modern vaccination

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Hippocrates is the "Father of Modern Medicine"... his name is NOT to be confused with.... "Hypocrisy," as my Medical Law professor called him. (Sad, but true!)
Homeopathy" is a type of medicine/type of medical practice -- it's not a person -- so really can't be a "father."
Dr. Edward Jenner created, or invented, the first vaccination for humans; that vaccination was to prevent small pox.... so, I'd say he would be the "Father of Modern Vaccination." :)

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And the small pox vaccine is also the first to eradicate its target although there is a fear the bug is in the lab and war heads somewhere.

When was the last real and last natural smallpox :)
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I've heard that... can't say if it's true. Biological warfare is frightening...

I don't have the answer to that one-- last case of natural small pox.
Feel free to Google it. If I have to Google anything here, I just don't answer! :)
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I thought you knew off-head for the sake of other readers:)
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Not really. It was the connection between cowpox and small pox.

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Not really ! Although most Doctors will say that Homeopathic vaccinations are worthless, I've taken Homeopathic medicines for years with great success. I don't think that their vaccines were necessarily the forefathers but they should have been because people were using natural medicines long before any Vacinnes were available !

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Good Morning & Happy Friday! :)
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Morning ABU ! Hope you are well !
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I'm okay, hip/leg/knee is driving me crazy.
On the topic of medicine -- did I ever mention that my surgeon NEVER looked at my hip/leg post-op? Not one time. Not in the hospital, not in my countless follow-up app'ts... never. His x-ray tech took the staples out of my leg, he never even looked at the incision!!
Since the hospital, I've complained about my knee on the BangedUp side... he never looked at that, either. Around my 4th or 5th post-op/x-ray visit, I whined the the tech about it, she took an x-ray.
My surgeon said the same thing he said at every app't. -- "Your bones are fine" -- all he ever says/does. He looks at the x-rays, says my bones are fine, then tells me, "It shouldn't hurt."
It's now about a year & 1/2 after surgery, my leg still hurts badly... and apparently, my bones are fine.
From the time I went to the ER when I 1st BangedUp the hip joint, nobody ever checked out the rest of my leg with anything but x-rays. No CT scan, no MRI... nothing. I'm SURE something else is wrong in the leg that nobody ever checked.
Sorry for my rant here... haha!
I've just been thinking 'bout that... All that was ever looked at were the broken bones, never any other diagnostics to see if I damaged something other than bone. I'm thinking I did. It's not easy to break the top off a femur bone off, I did, and I think there's "other stuff" wrong in there.
That's one my surgeon & I agree on, "It should NOT hurt"... but, it does... a lot. :(
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I'm really sorry that you are still in pain ! I ws told by my Doctors that I had inoperable cancer on my large intestine, where it meets the smaller intestine ! Went to another hospital and took all their tests and it was completely different ! Very small spot and is treatable ! I have to take these big, bitter pills that are like light weight Chemo and they told me that in about three months, I'll be cancer free and will live a long life! The moral here is : Get a second opinion ! The first Doctors and techs made so many mistakes on the tests. Once they got the reults from the other Hospital and Doctors, they paid me every cent I paid for the other tests to help cover their mistakes ! See a different Doctor !
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Oh, I'm sorry to hear about that... but, it sounds as though like you're in good hands with this new doctor, sounds like they're treating you well & properly -- those docs are hard to find!
Mine is an idiot, and if I had an ounce of sense, I wouldn't have gone to my 2nd post-op app't. When he didn't look at my leg during my 1st post-op visit... I should've found a new doc -- immediately!
I kept thinking he'd check out the leg at the next app't., and the next... but he never did, still hasn't. Not only do I think that's unusual... I think it's neglectful.
To have a surgery like I did, with metal hardware installed & all... that's fairly major, you'd think he would've examined the hip/leg... maybe peeked at that knee I can't stop complaining about -- nope. Around here, the place I go to is where the all the ortho docs are, one big practice & I can't get an app't. with other docs there, only my surgeon, or his PA. Also, I lost my PCP a while back, no new one yet.
I'm considering going to the ER, as silly as it seems, because by the time I get an app't. with a new doc, get sent for a CT scan, MRI, or whatever diagnostics they need to see the "innards" of my leg... it's gonna be another year & I can't wait that long! Especially if I'm going to need another surgery -- I'd like it done ASAP -- no need to keep hobbling around in so much pain!!!

How are you feeling with the treatment your doc has you on? Does it make you sick? I hope not... if it is "light weight" chemo, I hope it doesn't have the nasty side effects.
You're right -- seeing a different doctor really can make a HUGE difference. Glad you went to see another doc.... I reeeaaally need to do the same!
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I think if I were you, I would go to the E.R. ! They will probably check you out right away! Sounds like that is what you need! My treatment isn't bad. Makes me sleepy and a little moody and hurts my guts, but it's working ! I have a retired Doc friend who made me do this ! I was in despair until I did. Really made a difference to me ! GO !!!!! Make them do their job. My regular Doctor falls all over himself to please me after all of their mistakes.
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Thanks... I should go, I just feel silly. I don't go to the ER unless I think it's a life-threatening condition. I didn't even go when I broke my hip/leg... for 2 days! I was trying to convince myself it was dislocated & it'd pop back into place. Pulled myself around on the floor with my arms, couldn't stand/walk at all...and doing that may have caused all kinds of damage in that leg & knee.
Day 2, I knew something was reeeaally wrong, I finally gave in & went. Had to call an ambulance, couldn't get in a car. The whole thing was very humiliating!
Also, I'm thinking of going to a different ER this time, I'm lucky to have 2 hospitals very close by. The hospital I went to the 1st time, my surgeon & his buddies are all affiliated with... and, with my luck, my surgeon will be the doc on duty again when I go-- NOOO!!!
I want something other than an x-ray, and I want it NOW (I'm such a brat!), not 6 months from now. That's the benefit of the ER -- all diagnostic equipment is right there in one place.
Yep, I really need to see a different doc, someone who'll actually LOOK at my actual leg, not just x-rays of the hip joint. It's unbelievable to me that my surgeon, to this day, hasn't looked at the leg once since he did the surgery... if he even did it, I was knocked out... hmm...

Your treatment doesn't sound too bad -- sounds pretty much like the way I feel all the time, haha! I'm sure they'll fix you right up. You definitely made the right choice to see a different doc. Hope I find a good one too, one that'll actually LISTEN to me!!
Thanks for sharing... I know you're right! ;)
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ABU : Yes, go to the other Hospital ! Can't you collect Disability? If you got Social Security Disablity, you could get Medicare and help cover the costs ! Unless your husband has some benfits, you CAN get it ! Give it a shot, lady! Good luck and let me know, OK ?
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I have insurance, so cost/payment aren't an issue... I'M the issue! I just really, really, reeeaally hate the idea of going to the ER & saying....
"My leg hurts, I broke it...... a year & 1/2 ago."
Just not an emergency.
Been talking (whining!) to my mom about it, about possibly going to the ER. She said she doesn't want to sit in a waiting room filled with people who have colds & flus... I really don't either.
I will have it looked at somewhere soon... I'm stubborn, I know... The ortho practice I've been going to has two docs who are hip & knee specialists -- I'd like to get an app't. with one of them... of course, my surgeon is NOT one of them!

("MrBU" & I were never married -- just a couple..... couple of idiots! I do have an ex-husband, but he's been the ex since 1997.)
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I sure hope you do that ! Somethings not right and it needs to be taken care of !
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I will, thank you. :)
If it was a sudden, horrible pain, I'd be at the ER now...
I did have x-rays in August -- the hip joint was okay.
If I do have pain that's unusual, that's sudden & severe, I'd consider that to be an emergency, I'd go to the ER... At the moment, it's just the same old, same old pain...
I will -- somehow, somewhere -- get that entire leg checked out ASAP...not just more x-rays of the hip joint, because as of August, the bones were still holding up... :)
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