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What is the best diapers for a 18 mo and a 3 mo baby boy.

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Cloth diapers -

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Exactly! Many, many, many years ago, my great grandma bought my mom diaper service. Please remember this was back in the day when they delivered milk to your door. She said it was the best thing. They may still have it now. But, cotton diapers not the disposable type. They fill our landfills beyond belief and I hear are expensive. Besides, who would want to wear plastic? It seems like it would be extremely uncomfortable, sweaty, itchy, and cause diaper rash. That's all. :)
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A couple dozen cloth diapers
And a good washing machine would be much better and more comfy then plastic indeed !!
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Taa Daa! And environmentally correct !
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An added bonus !
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Thanks again for connecting me
With the kitty question -
I can help with all kinds of sickness,
Behaviors , and am an expert when it comes to any cats have issues in
The litter box .
Regretfully , unable to help that user,
Sometimes a vets advice is needed
And test are required .
My 14 year old male cat , ( rip )
Nugget would become blocked,
Unable to pee.... Sometimes I could get him to finally get it out-
Other times , a 600$ trip to the vets
To be knocked out, and given a Catheter , along with fluids -
( he had to be knocked out because
He was a fractious cat )
Inotherwords he hated the vets -
I went through that for 12 years -
It was no fun for me or him ,
When he was 12 or 13 he developed
Mega bowel - he couldn't poop-
More trips to the vets-
In the end - bone cancer was his
Downfall -and I had to have him put down - he's on my shelf with some of my fav pics of him -
Three days after his passing -
I adopted an all black kitten -
Raven - his name was river monster
When he was waiting for a home-
He was found in a river-
And he has helped me through the tough times of loosing my buddy -
He has a " brother" that I got from my boss for my gf- she named him Pepsi
( I work for Pepsi )
And he's a blondish yellowish male
Raven is now 2 ish
Pepsi is 3 ish -
And they are my "kids"
I figured I would let you know
How I know so much about cats-
Chances are - I have delt with almost
Every issue- with my 14 year old-
And if it weren't for a vet tech named Carroll - he wouldn't had made it 14 years- , after I had him cremated
I bought her a heart neck less with a
Black paw print on it - that opens
And holds a few of his ashes in it-
(" it was made to hold ashes)
She is still my vet- and my two boys
Now see her at least twice a year-
I love her and owe her a great deal
Of gratitude for everything over the years ...
Sorry for rambling ...

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Please don't ever be sorry for rambling. I don't find your story rambling at all. In fact, I'm flattered you would share it with me. It means a lot when you are comfortable around your friends and have a moment to shoot the breeze. Totally cool!
Yes, Nugget sounds like he was a wonderful friend to you for a long time. It's amazing how people and certain animals claim each other as life time friends. The stories only you and Nugget know and the way you both relied on each other. Your quirks and his. He probably knew you better than anyone at that point. It's neat you still keep him around and you were so caring to give the necklace to Carroll. If it hadn't been for Nugget and the prior 11 vets, you wouldn't have such a nice "human" friend too! I grew up around animals. We always had a least one cat and one dog. Those numbers jumped considerably because I swore every dog and cat without an owner in sight, was a free for all with me! Some I would even take off the collar and bring them home. My parents were wise to me. Normally strays aren't well fed and don't have a trace of a collar mark on their necks. Next comment, please. I'm going to run out of room
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It all started with Susan. With the exception of Charlie, my feeder goldfish, she was my 1st furry friend. We still had Tyson. He was my mom's standard poodle who taught me to walk. I was in 1st grade. I got off the bus and saw these 2 boys, ages 9 to 11?, holding this calico cat by the tail. The cat was frantic. They were laughing and going to throw her in the dumpster. They had already thrown her up in the air to see if she would land on her feet. I ran screaming at the top of my 5 year old lungs as loud and as fast as I could toward the boys. NOOOoooooOOO! This caused attention to the boys, they dropped her and ran away. I picked her up and sat at the bottom of the stairs. We lived in an apartment complex and our apt. was upstairs. I couldn't carry her and handle the stairs by myself. I was too small. My sister came & got me & up we went. She was pretty beat up. M&D let me keep her. Susan lived happily with us for 8 years. We moved to a house somewhere in between. She got hit by a car on my 13th birthday right in front of our house. She died in my arms on my birthday. I buried her across the street because that was were she was headed when she got hit. I figured that is where she wanted to be. Cats are wonderful. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of room; but it's so great o.k. I can't stop right there, bear with me, next comment,& I'll be done please
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Having to make the choice to put any animal down is always tough. However, it is the right thing to do at the right time as you did. We put our dog down a couple years ago. The wonderful thing is Raven and Pepsi. (Love the names!) Now you have 2 new kids and a girl that I'm sure all 3 of you adore. Life keeps moving on and you have new adventures everyday with each of them. Nugget is there watching over you to make sure your o.k. It's fantastic! We have talked about getting a kitten after Chance.(our dog's name.) The problem is, we live smack dab in coyote and owl country. We've seen our neighbors go through a cat or 2 and sometimes they just disappear in the night. The owl lives right outside our bedroom window. It's best we just sit tight. Thanks for letting me share. This has been fun. Hi to Raven and Pepsi and your girlfriend. Have a purrrrfect weekend! :) :)
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It would not be a bad thing
To shoot the owls that compromise
Your pets position -
I would -
As much as I am a hunter-
And a person of nature-
I deer hunt - turkey hunt-
Crow hunt -
Where I live - Delaware -
There are no natural ene mies
Of these except for man - so far
No coyotes -
But anything that would threaten
My pets - I would take whatever steps
To eliminate the issue-
Your story is superb -
And heartbreaking at the same time
Thank you for your eyes and mind
On the life of me-
Kids do some bad things -
Only to realize later it was bad-
You were as I was -
You knew the kitty was suffering
A had many great years afterwords
Perhaps it was meant to be -
Perhaps the suffering of another
Brings the two together-
For a lifetime of love and friendship
It would only be worth it if you
Or another recognizes that it's wrong
To hurt animals this way -
To be loved and adored by its owner
Is the the point of one owning pets to begin with-
Thank you for sharing -
When I see your answer now-
Scooby doo will not enter my head-
But a loving and caring pet owner
Will -
For everyone who reads this-
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Excuse auto spell
I hate it-
It's my will weaton
Wesley crusher
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Thank you Sheldon. The feeling is mutual. A great message at the end too! You are a very worthy animal lover and friend. I'm lucky to know you as are the animals that wonder into your life... for reasons we may never know. It's an incredible feeling when they do. Take Care and read you soon. Happy! Happy!
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Take care my friend-
And I only have a few -
Glad to know you as well-
A great planet people pet people
Kinda person-
Wish there were more like you-
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pampers- huggies aren't so great

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I loved Huggins for my kids. Pampers gave my kids a rash and luvs leaked and had more blow out diapers then not. You really have to find what you like for your own kiddo. If you have SAMs club membership the store brand is pretty good too.

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My sister currently started buying Diapers from Toys r us. I'm not exactly sure what they're called but they have the babies r us sign on it and she got 2 packs (over 100 diapers) for 16 $. we both thought they'd be really cheap because of how they felt and because of the very low price when we were at the store, but they're actually really great! worth the price.

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