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How do you unlock a phone if you forgot the password to it?IM HOPELESS WITHOUT MY PHONE!!

i forgot the password to my LG Optimis,and i dont know how to unlock it :[

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this is sad. society these days is lost. i didnt get my first phone until i turned 14, and even then it was a junk one that didnt get signal anywhere (doesnt help that i live in the country in the middle of nowhere, 30 miles from the nearest walmart and mcdonalds). yeah, now i have a smartphone, but all i use it for is to text my mom or dad, or ag teacher, and call people, and listen to music. right now the tower i always pull signal from is down, so all i can do on it is listen to music, but i find i dont need it, because i never really did. so when i see or hear people say "oh my god i lost my phone idk what im gonna do" or "crap, i forgot my password now my life sucks" all i can think about is 'yuppie city kids that had their phone since they were six need to come out here, go phoneless for 2 weeks and do the amout of work i do. that will show them to appreciate life with a phone, but realize its not the end of the world when you lose it.'

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i was just kidding,i havent been with my phone for 2 months now and my life is a living hell,because my mom been working my @$$ off,sooo yeah..
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try taking the battery out, wait 5 seconds, then put it back in, if no work call customer support.

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