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I Like This Guy, But I'm Not Sure If He Likes Me Back. Please Help..?..

I like this guy who is in my 7th period Science class. He talks to me a lot.Really he only talks to me,A guy at our table, and his other friend...

On Thursday (10/17) I said something sarcastic to him.And that was: "Woah. Look who finally learned how to put a Microscope away," and he replied "I knew how, I just didn't want to since you're the house wife." My friend over heard him and she was like "You know he's like flirting with you" But I knew he wasn't.

WELL anyway. when ever I'm around, He's always showing off and being funny and making me laugh.

I'm Just really confused on if he likes me or not.I heard that he likes one of the popular girls and I'm not pretty(or cute) so that's why I'm confused...

He already knows that I like him. But if he likes me, what should I do?
I really like him and I really just wanna know if he Likes me or just wants to be friends.

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Check his body language and if he stares or his eyes dart away both examples tell if he likes you

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Great story honey. I would just ask him. Same problem here

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????????? initials EW
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BA =p
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