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Are glitches like bed bugs they seam to be everywhere.

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Cute play on words bigguy.
I use a citrus spray whenever we hotel it.
On the luggage too.
But as far as government 'glitches' go, when I see one I immediately look over my shoulder to focus on what they are trying to distract me from.
Come on, all these shooters being tied into the USAF!
Even the Columbine shooter was the son of a AF father.
The boy said he was so glad to have moved away from the Eastern AF base because he was tired of them plugging things into his head! Who would let them do that to their own son?!
MKUltra is one big bed bug.
And the food stamp false flag test, ummmm....glitch, on the East coast,...
Now big bro, ummmmm...the government, is asking stores to decline the cards next month.
Sure let them do the dirty work. Wonder what threats, ummmm....entitlements, ummmmm....encouragements, went with that request?

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I've got to where I don't trust the government with anything. Mind control could be their game .
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One of the games anyway.
Sometimes I feel foolish for being gullible for so long.
Cured that one though! lol
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Bed bugs are kinda rare and glitches are on computers and only on bad computers or websites that have firm you viruses.

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Only if you want Obamacare.

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